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Android : can’t lie the BH merch team is missing out an opportunity for really cute and retro merchandising rn. Imagine “dynamite” on the back of the shorts tho how cute would that be

Android : Go ask Port Authority for the security camera footage from August 1, 2020 at 2:14pm. I don’t know how many times I have to explain myself. We thought he was talking like that to someone on the phone until he walked up to me. COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED.

Android : MikeCyber #ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER why is it that whenever other men see a man clearly & blatantly harassing women, it’s always a “catch” that has to be justified in order for his asinine actions? do you believe men aren’t capable of acting irate unprovoked? are men not threatening ? cut the bs

Android : This man came up behind me and randomly started to harass me while I walked through Port Authority with my friends. Because I’m a “Fat Latina” He called me a monkey and fat shamed me. I kept my cool until I couldn’t no longer. I’m so angry. We were minding our business.

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Android : This hurts my soul, all the crazy things going in the world and people harassing others for no reason..When are we gonna start treating each other with a basic sense of respect? We gotta do better as human beings before it’s too late. hope you’re ok and stay strong fam🙏💛💯 twitter.com/icaptainchanel…

Android : I realized later how bad I am at spelling in spanish so fml

This is a tribute to my dad who passed away 2 years ago...

I miss him daily
But I am living for us.


Android : Lovely Little Angel 👼
#considerate #emotive #artistic #hardworking #perfectionist

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