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Bio comedian / Ngāpuhi / Ngāti Maniapoto / radio person / writer for Wellington Paranormal / also yeah tiktok i guess
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iPhone : Great news for people earning over 90k (a lot) and like two coffees a week for people earning not much at all.... cool cool cool cool, epic epic stuff seems fair

Twitter Web App : Today the highlight of the show was when a girl in the crowd said "I'm a soldier" and I was like "interesting... so either you're in the army or you like to dip yourself into eggs"

Twitter Web App : Me: wow I am so talented I was on tv twice today and did a sold out show in front of people who like me!!
*negative comment from someone who hates me and keeps making new accounts to hate me from*

iPhone : Mansplain is my favourite word cause it’s a mix of “man” and “explain”. Neither of those words have s’s in them, but no man is ever gonna point that out. They’ll fall right in our trap.

Twitter Web App : My show in Palmy tonight has been moved to a bigger room but due to social distancing requirements you have to book on the PHONE (so old school)

Twitter Web App : A cruel and very funny trick someone is playing right now is just gradually adjusting my height inch by inch on my wikipedia page so that people think Im an actual giant

Twitter Web App : JL Howes I really am not and I feel like that's part of it too! I hope we just see people as people and not incredible or amazing for having an audience but just fellow human beings! (God that sounds so wanky), it means we understand eachothers flaws a little better though.

Twitter Web App : Anyway, I know the people who send death threats and messages telling people to kill themselves are never in a good spot themselves, but if you're feeling angry please choose love. The rush of pulling people down is extremely temporary and can have really awful consequences.

Twitter Web App : Like man I still get em, and I'm not protected like a regular celeb either. I didn't realise an old website was linked to my actual address and how easy it was until after I was doxxed, but at least I'm an adult and not an actual child!