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Bio Physician. Wrote a book against population medicine (movingmountainsthebook.com). Co-host the @accad_koka podcast. Melkite.
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iPhone : Why do we use godawful blue-background-with-bright-yellow-text for medical school lectures?

A 🧵on magic lanterns, darkrooms, path dependence, and “things we do for no reason”


iPhone : Wbond I love these reports! The sad thing is that the scientists are just as confused about what brain function is as the journalist who wrote that headline

iPhone : I’m holding a webinar for Americans who want to learn how to pronounce Indian names correctly. As homework, please practice these this name: Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman

iPhone : Excellent thread regarding the common view, especially among academic physicians, that “politics is medicine writ large.” twitter.com/wokal_distance…

iPhone : This should go in the annals of free-market literature classics along with Leonard Reed’s “I, Pencil” and Adam Smith’s tale of the pin factory.

If Hayek has the eloquence of Jha there would be no need for a Cato Institute cc:Russell Roberts


iPhone : If you are wanted by the cops, the best place to hide is on the roof of a police station! #justsaying

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