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Twitter Web App : ЗЛАСТЯ вообще задница. Это из-за тупого закона о данных и интернет-переводах.
Хорошо хоть мало работаю внутри россии, но блин кто знает когда они окончательно уйдут. Россия - ни шагу на месте, только назад и только все вместе.

Twitter Web App : My head feels like it's filled with molted lead uhggggg
Making this video is sooooooooo much harder than I anticipated. I just really hope this works.

Twitter Web App : again, please don't directly tag people who might be uncomfortable with nsfw anthro art, thank you. Also I can give more details about the project to anyone interested.

Twitter Web App : Okay, round two: need to find a composer\musician I could buy a ~3 minute soundtrack from. It's for a marketing/devdairy video of out indie game project. Main sound aesthetics are Scandinavian folk, orchestral and dieselpunk. Any ideas who I could poke about something like this?