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Android : anyways shin yuna is a 17 year old girl whos already successful and is being considered as one of the top visuals in her generation. stay pressed ugly bitches.

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Android : me when i get everyone pissed by my heavenly visuals

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Android : hoping that for their next cb we gave it our all for them and make them win many times as much as we can because they always give it all for us i believe in our power and love for them ❤️ ITZY #ITZY

Android : the way itzy always post instagram reels, selcas, group pics & bbl contents for midzys every single time they really wouldnt gonna let us starve for a single day or week. theyre really the bestest girls that we dont deserve at all :(

Android : [ #네이버NOWbㅣㄴ틈있지 ]
bㅣㄴ틈고에 전학 온 ITZY🏫
찐친 모먼트 ITZY도 좋았지💕

Transfer student ITZY @ Gap of ITZY High School🏫
ITZYs friendship chemistry was so good💕

#MIDZY #믿지

Android : [ITZY?ITZY!] EP63. 설날에 있지!


#MIDZY #믿지

Android : when i say ryujin is the queen of doing different facial expressions in seconds this is what i meant about it

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Android : me when the only part in a kpop song that i know comes out:

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