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Android : Juanita Broaddrick -The president of Mexico praises Trump on live TV for his assistance with covid, the trade deal, and how well they’ve been respected and treated.
-The president of Goya praises Trump and the left wants to cancel the largest Hispanic foods, owned, company. 1/3

Android : Americas tumultuous 2020 was brightened up when the 45th President of the United States gave the best speech of his Presidency against backdrop of Mount Rushmore and fireworks.

Thank you and Happy 4th of July, Donald J. Trump. We needed that...

#FourthofJuly2020 #July4th2020

Android : Well, well...
Donald J. Trump embarrasses naysayers once again. In all seriousness, how many ways can one man say, I told you so?
'Hydroxychloroquine saved coronavirus patients study shows; Trump campaign hails it as "fantastic news"
#MAGA #KAG #4thofJuly foxnews.com/politics/hydro…

Android : Goya Foods CEO won't apologize in face of boycott, backlash for pro-Trump remarks: 'Suppression of speech' // Bob Unanue sets a good example in the fight against liberal terrorism. Don’t let his voice be suppressed. Stand up against these thugs. #BuyGoya foxnews.com/media/goya-boy…

Android : In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. May cut off funding if not open!

Android : “COVID-19 (China Virus) Death Rate PLUNGES From Peak In U.S.” A Tenfold Decrease In Mortality. The Washington Times The Washington Times Valerie Richardson. We have the lowest Mortality Rate in the World. The Fake News should be reporting these most important of facts, but they don’t!