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Twitter Web App : As LA reckons with systemic racism, many people are learning that our system of public safety makes many people feel unsafe. They want to know more, and they want to know how to make everyone feel safe, regardless of zip code, race, or skin color. This is a chance to learn more.

Twitter Web App : Today City Council unanimously endorsed #AB1436, which will help #StopCOVIDEvictions in California. With a tsunami of evictions looming, David Chius bill is urgent and necessary. #HomesNotTents

Twitter Web App : Karen Bass would be serious governing partner for Biden, and a significant force for racial, social and economic justice in the administration. As a Bernie Sanders delegate to the DNC, I am fully in support of Karen Bass as our VP nominee.

Twitter Web App : For veep, Joe Biden should choose Karen Bass.
She is an accomplished progressive w a track record of building coalitions & getting things done. She is a real community organizer. She is smart, thoughtful, and one of the most humble people I know.

Twitter Web App : The smears against ⁦Karen Bass⁩ are disgusting, racist, and sexist. They called Dr. King a communist and a socialist for standing for justice and peace. The Rs are afraid b/c Bass will energize our base & win independents. Let’s have her back. nbcnews.com/news/latino/i-…

Twitter Web App : The right wing and Donald J. Trump are clearly terrified of the idea of Karen Bass as Biden's running mate. Just the mention of her name pushes their smear machine into overdrive. nbcnews.com/news/latino/i-…

Twitter Web App : The recent seismic activity in #LA is a reminder that we need to be prepared for earthquakes. LA City Emergency Management Department’s SHAKE ALERT LA app notifies residents of 4.5 > magnitude earthquakes

Download ShakeAlert:
iPhone Mayor.LA/3pwx30nakMm
Android Mayor.LA/ErB630napz2

Twitter Web App : REPOST @myla311 - Good news again! Relaxed parking restrictions related to street sweeping in residential areas has again been extended -- now until August 16, 2020. Stay home and Stay safe.

Twitter Web App : Small businesses are keeping their doors open to the community through the LA Al Fresco Program to provide safe dining options during #COVID19. Check out these business owners as they share their journey through the program. Apply for #LAAlfresco at corona-virus.la/laalfresco

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Twitter Web App : Emily Alpert Reyes I am sending a letter to Enrique Zaldivar, head of LASAN, asking him what he thinks his agency has been authorized to do, since the motion I voted against had no specifics at all.

Twitter Web App : Emily Alpert Reyes Worth noting that the council action did not refer to 56.11 and did not specifically reverse the March instruction to follow public health protocols and not order tents down. So I contend LASAN has not been authorized to do so.

Twitter Web App : Finding profanity more objectionable than all of that is, quite simply, fucking ridiculous.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? Imprisoning people at the border, kidnapping their children, and then losing them.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? Repeated attempts to curb women's rights.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? A president and a party coddling the fossil fuel industry while our childrens' futures are being destroyed by a climate crisis.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? The wave of state-sanctioned discrimination against the trans community.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? Attempts to reduce or cut unemployment benefits during an economic collapse. Or attempts to strip people of their healthcare during a pandemic.

Twitter Web App : You know what's an outrage? A president and a political movement that is trying to rollback voting rights and strip millions of the franchise.