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iPhone : I am actually the one who spent hours researching and making this.

Glad to have it shared but I would like a bit of credit! twitter.com/shaunking/stat…

iPhone : 130k Americans dead, protesters and journalists being beaten in the street, but Bret Stephens says “the problem isn’t Donald Trump.”

You’ll never guess what he thinks the real issue is

iPhone : The Art of Persuasion: 1) Make a facile declaration sure to trigger a negative reaction 2) When the reaction comes, claim that you’re being misinterpreted 3) Engagement achieved, abandon the original claim while still insisting you were right and everyone else is wrong 4) $$$

iPhone : Max J. Rosenthal Reputable banks stopped doing business with Trump like 20 years ago because he’s a transparent con artist who was habitually bankrupt. What bank was our babe-in-the woods retired banker even working for that he did not know this?

iPhone : jp Bogdan Antol ugly tacoma There was a very brief window last year when the scooters were out of control and just going wherever they wanted. Super obnoxious and dangerous. But then city put together some regulations, rules, and fines and now it’s all good.

iPhone : jp Bogdan Antol ugly tacoma Yeah I’ll just chime in here as a non-bicycle riding pediatrian who is on this street a lot. It is in fact roughly one gazillion better than it used to be. Because indeed vehicle traffic (bikes/scooters) are separated from foot traffic.