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Twitter Web App : Episode 210 - What did Urban say?tinyurl.com/y7m4vucm We talk about Urbans tour of France & break down what we believe he said and why he said it. Pic: Pope Urban preaches the Crusade from Cassells Illustrated History of England (highly inaccurate!)

Twitter Web App : Portrait of Pope Pius VI by Pompeo Batoni, 1775. Supposedly Pius VI was very handsome as a young man and considered vain and conceited by his peers

Twitter Web Client : I just heard the news about Little Richard and I’m so grieved. He was my shining star and guiding light back when I was only a little boy. His was the original spirit that moved me to do everything I would do.

Twitter Web App : pretty sure theres a new circle in the outer reaches of the Inferno where people announcing theyre quitting twitter collide, endlessly, with people announcing theyre joining twitter.

anyway, Im quitting twitter for a little while, see you down the road

Android : I knew Ireland was a small country but I didnt know it was so cramped every camera in Normal People had to be squished right up against a persons face or a car windshield

iPhone : Never forget what a BANGER this theme song is. RIP Little Richard 🌹

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Twitter Web App : Doug Dennis rosters should have been expanded, or there should have been more flexibility rotating pitchers on/off 25 man roster, a few years ago. MLBs rules are outmoded/not in line with how game is played now.

Twitter Web App : Im very excited to see MLB teams not sign free agents this winter and use this pandemic as the excuse. Very excited. I dont think I can tell you how excited I am.

Twitter Web App : There was mountain cheese with sage and acorns, barley and oat dumplings, a latticed blueberry tart with nutcream, golden-crusted bread hot from the ovens, and a choice of mint an lavender cordial or mint tea.

Twitter Web App : protestant forces throughout the religious war era.

In 1641 Anholt would be acquired by the princes of Salm who would hold on to it till 1802 when they finally incorporated it into a larger principality.

Android : #Quote from episode 35 Christians vs Muladis, talking about Muhammad ibn Lubb, patriarch of the Banu Qasi clan. You can listen to the episode by becoming a patron! 👉🏻 patreon.com/thehistoryofsp…

TweetDeck : Wow, what a stylish map from 1939! Here we see the railroad connections of the French speaking part of Switzerland. I love how the connections to foreign cities are displayed. What a piece of art! Source: buff.ly/3bh3wP2

iPhone : We paused during household cleaning to cook and exercise, but thanks, everybody, for your concern about the recycling twitter.com/sddonavan/stat…

Twitter Web App : Jay Yeah that is the joke, I was just commenting on how the guy wants people to think something really ridiculous and also remember how stupid heavy those damn things are.

Twitter Web App : Chris To start, yes, though Id wager the chances fans are watching the Seattle Mariners in-person in 2020 at all are not high.

TweetDeck : in 98 a bunch of us went to see the Matthew Broderick Godzilla at the Cineramadome

it was disappointing

after the movie we were all standing out front looking sad
when a white limo drove by and the rear window slid down

Little Richard leaned out and waved and went WOO-HOO!

iPhone : Without insurance, the cost of a six-day hospital stay for COVID could cost $73,000.

27 million Americans, and counting, dont have insurance.

If this doesnt make the case for Medicare for All, I dont know what does.

iPhone : Okay, let me see if I can explain:

US Presidents -- or any elected civilian leader -- should not salute, or otherwise engage in military fetishism.

In the US, the President, and the elected government, are civilians by design, for very good reason.


Twitter for iPad : Like companies, Australian universities are haemorrhaging revenue. Arguing that universities are the same as companies ignores the important externalities of research for national productivity. Kill revenue and you kill research. Note I have a Conflict of Interest 👨‍🎓

Twitter Web App : k 🐳 Backstory is pretty good as is Whistlestop (especially if you’re interested in some election history).

If you’re interested in interviews, check out Ben Franklin’s World.

For something bite sized: this day in esoteric Political History

iPhone : this blink misses blackpink and baseball Kara Time Travel Talks Leah Ben Badger State History Podcast History Lair Deep into History Footnoting History Roaming Historian Wonderers History Podcast The Outlandish Historians Stephen DiJulius YES. Trail of Tears, slavery, Japanese internment... the list of just American atrocities could go on and on. They’re the things I would hate to watch but know that we should be forced to bear witness to.

Twitter Web App : #Plague doctors are perhaps the most iconic symbol of the #blackdeath - but there were also people who put their lives on the line to ease suffering and investigate the worst #pandemic of the mid 14th century.

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Android : The Pearl of Khorasan نگین خراسان The King of Kings Podcast Derek | The Hellenistic Age Podcast The Timur Podcast Otávio Luiz /اُتاویو GreekHistory Podcast As much as theyre likely to descend from many other ancient groups. Kurdish territory from Turkey to Iran saw a lot of Iranian groups in antiquity. Medes and Sagartians are mentioned specifically at Behistun and whoever the Karduchoi were in Xenophon, just under the Achaemenids.

iPhone : Justice in South Georgia is hard to achieve for African Americans.” Me, on the district attorney who saw “no grounds for arrest” in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. slate.com/news-and-polit…

Vox Media : Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/9/20: Jay Buhner, the Philadelphia Phillies, and Mary Pratt lookoutlanding.com/2020/5/9/21252…

TweetDeck : im losing my mind. there is no way youre going to be able to predict what this ad is trying to sell you

finally, now more than ever, women can buy our product

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iPhone : The concept of freedom has been abused to the point that it is meaningless, part 4762. twitter.com/justinamash/st…

Twitter Web App : AmRev Podcast online recommendation of the week: Video, Christian McBurney discusses his book Kidnapping the Enemy

#AmRev #History #Videos

iPhone : 13 Years Ago: IDF Major Roi Klein jumped on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers in a battle during Second Lebanon War.

The soldiers reported that Klein recited the Jewish prayer, Shema Yisrael, as he jumped on the grenade.

Retweet in his memory.

Twitter Web App : 🍞 ꙮ🍊 uhhh it might actually be called checkers in NC. ive only had it in west virginia and ohio where its called rallys

Twitter Web App : De las cosas más raras que me pasaron mientras hacía una entrevista, fue que, cuando mencione mi escuela, un señor que estaba detrás mío me comenzó a atacar/elogiar por el trabajo de Aguayo y de Meyer; respectivamente.

Me confundió un chingo? Sí
No supe como reaccionar? ey

iPhone : Here’s a terrific analysis of the manufactured influence in the disinformation campaign targeting Dr. Fauci from Renee DiResta: twitter.com/noupside/statu…
It’s had an impact: people across my networks saw it, & I see people misled about masks. Social media platforms worked, as intended twitter.com/noupside/statu…

Twitter Web App : If you’re living with or affected by HIV, here’s what you need to know about #COVID19 and HIV.

Stay safe, friends.