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Twitter Web App : Take A Close Look At This 🔽 Poor Rat Bastard ,The Audacity

Andrew Cuomo⁩ begs rich New Yorkers to leave Hamptons, return to NYC: ‘Come over, I’ll cook!’

Please bring grandma & grandpa with you

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Twitter Web App : Joe Biden is a racist. Yes I said it. He’s been in public office for 47+ years. Co-Authored the 1994 Crime Bill. He locked up millions of young black men. Called them nasty names. Every election Joe would PANDER 2 the black vote & tell them he “valued” them? WTF?

Twitter Web App : Holy shit, did he really say this? 👇🏻🤦🏼‍♂️ twitter.com/stillgray/stat…

Twitter Web App : There was another #JerusalemDay in 1918 when #Jerusalem was liberated from Ottoman rule. Here is the founder of our movement, Zeev #Jabotinsky in the centre of the photo at the Western Wall, with soldiers of the Jewish Brigade.

Twitter Web App : There is one nation in the middle-east and wider Islāmic countries where religious freedom is guaranteed. It`s called Israel.

Welcome to Israel; the real Israel.

Twitter Web App : They should vote for racist Biden? Biden has a mountain of racist statements and insults directed at the black community. He expects them to just take it. twitter.com/thomaskaine5/s…

Twitter Web App : Ok, Joe Biden can't make it through the scripted interviews his handlers set up for him. Are they also giving him access to the guns? Scary thought. twitter.com/LadyJayPersist…

Twitter Web App : All they've got is spin and fantasy to win the election on. No wonder they're desperate enough to lie for BLM/Antifa terrorists. twitter.com/PalmerReport/s…

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden threw black men in prison.

Joe Biden tells blacks they “ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him.

Joe Biden thinks Blacks are too stupid to have diversity of thought.

Joe Biden is a perfect nominee for the racist left.

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Twitter Web App : I've updated my Twitter username to stand in solidarity with my Black American friends, who first had their blackness snatched by Joe Biden, before he proceeded to tell them they are all monolithic lemmings.

#NotableException ✊🏾

Twitter Web App : I know #OprahWinfrey is a multi billionaire so she knows about #privilege life better than most! But I can tell you from 50 some years in my life experience the only people I witnessed living a privileged life were #DemocRat politicians and their enablers! From #Carter to #Obama!