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Android : 8,372 + killed in the region of Srebrenica.
3,000 + killed in Prijedor
3,000 + killed in Visegrad
2,700 + killed in Foca
13,000 + killed in Sarajevo.

Approximately 10,000 people are still ‘missing’ due to the Bosnian genocide.

These are just some of the numbers.

Android : Amazing to see from the brilliant Dr Mehrunisha Suleman.


Strongly recommend anyone interested in this or related fields to engage with this work. twitter.com/MehrunishaS/st…

Android : Places of worship are now allowed to be open for congregational prayers with certain restrictions (e.g. social distancing).

See this mosque open in the morning for Fajr prayers twitter.com/quwwatulislam/…

Android : Never met with the neo-Nazi AfD? Richard, you might wanna apologize to Eric Swalwell.

Here is AfD MP Petr Bystron, their foreign affairs spokesman, posting a selfie of you and him smiling together in 2018, under the hashtag 'conservative revolution':
twitter.com/PetrBystronAfD… twitter.com/RichardGrenell…

Android : This is such an important point

The way to fight illegal annexation of land, should not be about what's best for the state of Israel or non-Palestinians

Surely Palestinian rights must be front & centre

Yet so often their human rights & humanity are ignored in these discussions twitter.com/IfNotNowOrg/st…

Twitter Web App : EXCLUSIVE: 11 NEW recommendations for the government on how to protect BAME through #COVID19 from Independent SAGE. In a review to be published tomorrow they want to see “urgent action” to protect ethnic minorities who are at greater risk. SkyNews


Twitter Web App : Honestly I've been laughing out loud at Muslims "might not request pain medicine but instead thank Allah for the pain" for a good few minutes. twitter.com/lindsaaaytweet…

Twitter Web App : It is well recognised this single finger sign, is NOT an ISIS salute. Thank you @Guardian for realising this, & changing your wording

ICYMI BBC apologised for this error last year bbc.co.uk/news/entertain…

Its a shame many news outlets have not followed... (see thread)

Twitter Web App : We’ve produced a range of signs you can use to display in your mosque to advise attendees of the restrictions in place and the measures they need to take to stay safe.

Full range of signage here: mcb.org.uk/general/prepar…

Twitter Web App : Sangita Myska I guess I was just trying to evidence the long-term nature of racist comments from him, which is important when marrying that up to the fact that prominent news shows continued to invite him until last year at least.

Are you aware of any decision that changes this?

Android : Sangita Myska Hey Sangita

Do you know which outlets you mean? As I know BBC Daily Politics, for example, had him on last year (inews.co.uk/news/uk/david-…), Question Time has had him on a lot since 2011 when his views were known...

These are hugely prominent shows..

Twitter Web App : You may have seen reports of racist comments made by Dr David Starkey. His comments are abhorrent and contrary to our values. We understand and share the outrage that these comments have provoked and have initiated a review of his status as an honorary graduate

Android : This guy is head of an organization that sent the U.K. government an actual *physical list* - not a ‘mental’ one! - of ‘Muslim personas non-grata’ and even suggested to the government that those Muslims on their list were terror supporters (they weren’t):