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iPhone : A selection of our eye-catching space posters is now available online in an A3 print-ready format. Choose your favourites here 👉 esa.int/About_Us/ESA_P…

#ESAPosters #spaceposters #Ariane5 #Ariane40 #spaceweather #Heramission #cleanspace #Lagrange #Columbus10years

iPhone : Happy birthday Herschel. Thank you, your legacy continues. I am proud of having been part of this scientific, technical and human adventure. twitter.com/ESAHerschel/st…

Android : 🛰️ Leigh Fletcher, Planetary Scientist University of Leicester, reveals how scientists at the University are working as part of both NASAs Juno Mission and ESAs #JUICE missions to find out more about Jupiter and its moons.

▶️ Watch the full video: youtu.be/2B4zPGIrjyI

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Twitter Web App : High in the mountains above Mérida-Venezuela lie a fast-melting remnants of Venezuela’s once-extensive glaciers. I remember it, I spent three fantastic years in Mérida at the end of the 90s, doing my Master in Astrophysics. Is now the Venezuela’s last glacier completely melted? twitter.com/hectorrago/sta…

Twitter Web App : Sigan este hilo, cosas importantes que la estridencia opaca. twitter.com/ysabelbr/statu…

Twitter Web App : #JUICE will set off in May 2022 on its 7 years journey to Jupiter with a planned arrival in October 2029.
The 5.2t spacecraft will carry 10 scientific instruments incl. an ice-penetrating radar & sensors to monitor the magnetic fields and charged particles in the Jovian system.

Twitter Web App : We now know about thousands of exoplanets.

Now, what decoding light from these distant worlds tells us about the compositions of their atmospheres --
americanscientist.org/article/decodi… -- by astrophysicist Kevin Heng (Image: ESO/M. Kornmesser)

Twitter Web App : Great display at "EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online" #shareEGU20 led by Arianna Piccialli on "Participation of women scientists in ESA Solar System missions: an historical trend". You can have a look to our display, and post a comment until 31 May 2020.

Twitter Web App : Very proud of this new paper led by my DFG postdoc Denis Shulyak. It studies disequilibrium chemistry on the simulated spectra of Hot Jupiter atmospheres. Disequilibrium chemistry could be robustly detected with future missions like JWST and ARIEL.