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Marianne M #FBPE One of #The5Million

Bio Foodie, cook, Sondheim fan and PR consultant, not necessarily in that order. Citizen of the world. Against hate of all kinds. #FollowBackProEU
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Twitter Web App : Deborah Meaden Yep. Self-imposed 'deadline' for Brexit trade talks slipping by, ie #NoDeal getting nearer… and the fact UK now very badly placed (ie top) in the world's Covid-19 league tables...

Twitter Web App : Strange how the Cummings family country estate in Durham has been downgraded to a 'farm', whereas the Starmer donkey sanctuary was inflated to a Β£10m property which was somehow proof that he was unfit for office?

Twitter Web App : Shehab Khan Michael Gove Wow...dearest Michael, you still haven't driven the few miles to try out my scones (but then I'm a danger to this country as an EU citizen). Yet, driving 250 miles is perfect for exercising...I wish I had the money for petrol and the magic car that doesn't need refuelling. #Liar

Twitter Web App : So, guys. Was this the real dead cat? The self-imposed UK deadline for Brexit negotiations to stop (pretending then that #NoDeal is all 'them EU's' fault). Let's get to work. This is despicable gaslighting (again).…