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Android : me, in 2000: man, i wish people wouldn't break the back button

me, in 2021: man, i wish the ad-driven corporate surveillance firms weren't so complicit in war crimes

Android : Every #MLKDay, when you are quoting "I had a dream," remember how they treated #MLK for his dream.

When telling "Dr. King was successful because he was peaceful," stories, remember that he suffered dearly for the racial justice advances he achieved.…

Android : “Something is wrong with the economic system of our nation...something is wrong with capitalism.”

“There must be a greater distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Android : tfw the two hardest problems in computer science turn out to be "not building a hostile workplace" and "not actively participating in white supremacy/genocide"

Android : Michael Lissack Twain Rich Harang Pedro Domingos Timnit Gebru Emily M. Bender MMitchell Jeff Dean (@🏡) John C. Havens Nando de Freitas Josh Tobin Christopher Manning Walter Isaacson Rachel Thomas CG_Zha Liyou查立友 Gui-Lu Long David Li Regardless of whether one thinks she shouldn't have been asking to be included in meetings (as a boss, I want people to ask to join meetings, especially if they've been hired to cause change), the way that you've phrased it here is intended to diminish her.

Android : Emily M. Bender is always so brilliant at taking complex concepts and breaking them down to be more understandable. See her 5-point HOWTO on creating a different tech culture.…

Twitter Web App : I know there are still problems with GitHub and ICE etc. But can we at least acknowledge how rare it is to see accountability for unethical and discriminatory HR actions, and the need to now set this as a standard that we expect others to meet?…

Twitter Web App : 5. If you read the above and think, "she is self promotional", as a bad thing, don't worry: I was already reported for that years ago, at the time of writing that article, and HR at Google has already put me through punishing treatment following that accusation.

Twitter Web App : Self-plug: article I wrote with Blaise Aguera on physiognomy (what many of you are accidentally calling phrenology) addresses some of the content of the previous twitter thread.

Twitter Web App : 4. We also see here an example of the pervasive groupthink around binaries: EITHER this, OR that. The idea of both being true, or more than 2 options, seems to be too difficult for those who set the "bar" in many science systems. If only the world outside worked so easily.

Twitter Web App : 3. This is what happened when Timnit Gebru was told she had to work on benefits or else "missed the mark" of good research.

This is what we mean when we talk about "systemic" hostility against technical women in tech spaces.

Twitter Web App : 2. This is fully operationalized in tech systems. Tech leaders who are not technical women and do not have relevant expertise set the "bar" or the "mark".

Twitter Web App : Another set of good examples of how minorities are treated in CS. (1/n)

1. They are told what they should and should not work on, regardless of their expertise, by people with less expertise.…