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Android : I'm old enough to remember when trump said "any Jewish person who votes Democratic shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." It was in 2019.

Nikki Haley conveniently forgot.โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Dan Johnston Too bad you don't even stand with your own voters.

You suggested that they should all pile into churches, but YOUR unholy ass is busy GOLFING.

You should have gone to a packed church with NO mask to show how *safe* it is. Go ahead, Spanky.

We triple dog dare you.

Twitter Web App : Eric Trump Hey there Gummy,

Your "dad" actually suggested that people drink bleach.
He uses BOTH hands to drink water, like a baby.
He can't close a damn UMBRELLA.
He thinks windmills cause cancer.
He wanted to nuke a hurricane.
He forgot his Wife's name.


Twitter Web App : I refuse to celebrate Ann Coulter because *NOW* she's big mad at trump. She's pissed because he hasn't built the wall yet, and he's shitting on Sessions.

She is STILL a HORRIBLE person.

Android : Donald J. Trump The millions of morons who read your tweets will have YOU to thank when they pile into public places without masks and catch the coronavirus because you're giving them the false "all clear" signal.

You are a murderer.

Android : Even by trump's incredibly low standards, scrolling thru the tweets on his page may require you to use latex gloves. They are DERANGED.

Reporters need to start asking him if he's on crystal meth. Seriously.

Android : In addition to accusing Joe Scarborough of murder without evidence, trump has been retweeting this looney crackpot all night.

He refers to Women of Color as Shamu and Willies Ho.

This is the kind of diseased, hateful shit Donald trump retweets, condones and encourages.

Android : Hereโ€™s a review I did on The โ€œBadโ€ Brad Berkwitt Show of BrooklynDad_Defiant! book โ€œThe Liddleโ€™est President โ€œ...

Must watch for all the resistance folks out there!โ€ฆ