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Twitter Web App : trump is incapable of putting America first.

He has $900M in debt to foreign persons/entities coming due between early 2021 and 2024.

US banks wouldn’t loan him money after he declared bankruptcy on $900M in debt back in the 90s.


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Twitter Web App : This is the part of the movie where the stupid, bully jock wants to beat up the nerd who's just trying to save everyone, and the bully accidentally runs into traffic.

Our VOTES are the traffic.

Android : #TrumpIsCompromised is trending #2 in America. RETWEET and reply using the hashtag to push it to #1 and expose Donald J. Trump’s treason.

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Android : PATRIOTS: #TrumpIsCompromised has nearly 2 million views in under 7 hours and is still trending. RETWEET to expose our “president’s” treason!

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Android : #TrumpIsCompromised is one of our most effective videos. Two million views and still trendin’!

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Android : #TrumpIsCompromised and is a national security risk.

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Twitter Web App : We need a president who’s not comprised by foreign authoritarian regimes. Trump is a national security threat. #TrumpIsCompromised
🎥:Really American 🇺🇸

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Twitter Web App : There are many reasons to oppose President Trump.

Really American 🇺🇸 delves into a KEY REASON here:

He doesn’t work for us. He is tied up with some really bad people through his business dealings. #TrumpIsCompromised

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Twitter Web App : Trump is compromised. We cannot let him steal the election. Vote, everyone. Vote. #TrumpIsCompromised

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Twitter Web App : #TrumpIsCompromised is trending #1. This is why.

Lets keep it there all day, shall we?

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