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Twitter for iPad : Prof Miller scandal is entirely of Bristol University’s own making;
“Given his latest comments, it is inconceivable that ⁦Bristol University 🎓⁩ can allow Miller to continue teaching while also observing their legal duty of care”
Union of Jewish Students @bristolJSoc…

Twitter for iPad : Reminder that 8 months ago David Miller of Bristol University 🎓 told Labour Left Alliance that Israel sent British Jews to make chicken soup in a London Mosque in a bid to normalise Zionism in the Muslim community.

Twitter for iPad : 4 million Palestinians live in West Bank / Gaza. It would cost only $80 million to fully vaccinate every single person with Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine. For context, UNRWA annual budget is $806 million. I guess they want to use the funds elsewhere, as in their bureaucracy.

Twitter for iPad : Favourite bit is "at the same time they did the attack on Corbyn". The global Zionist conspiracy network has the power to bring down the leader of the opposition AND make chicken soup at the same time.

Twitter for iPad : One of these two introduced the national minimum wage, doubled the NHS budget, rebuilt schools, forgave 3rd world debt and introduced Sure Start.

The other minced around at Glastonbury.…

Twitter for iPad : It's worth reading this, if you want to understand this row. I've said often that conspiracy theory is how idiots get to feel like intellectuals. It's hardly worth adding that these idiot-intellectuals are without fail, anti-Semites.…

iPhone : One of the most heartbreaking parts of this terrible story is when ordinary British soldiers handover their food to the Belsen inmates. Natural human response. But it kills the inmates. So starved, their bodies can't handle nutrition.…

iPhone : David Miller deserves no defence. If you cannot see the hate that oozes out if his words it’s because you don’t want to. Your ‘solidarity’ is an attempt to legitimise it.