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iPhone : “Unapologetic and Unafraid”

I watched today’s hearing. Powerful! AZ needs to stop and take major corrective action as do many other states. Thank you Naty 🇺🇸 for bringing this to our attention.


iPhone : Molly McCann And Herbert Hoover, when he worked in the Coolidge administration, stopped inside the Belgian embassy every day walking home from work to have a drink. Since the embassy was Belgium territory, prohibition didn't apply.

Easy, when you know how.

iPhone : The Constitution gives the state legislatures plenary authority to choose electors.
This authority may not be taken from them or abdicated.

In 2020, it falls to the legislatures to exercise their authority to safeguard our votes.

Contact them!

iPhone : Exactly. Anyone urging Trump to throw in the towel is urging him to abandon his duty to his oath of office and to betray the tens of millions of Americans who have supported him and believe in him.…

iPhone : Defendants’ counsel argued that allowing forensic inspections would pose proprietary/trade secret risks to Dominion.…

iPhone : Big Tech has infiltrated the American homeland and is imposing speech laws that resemble those of Europe, challenging the authority and longevity of the First Amendment. Molly McCann explains the Big Tech occupation.…

iPhone : If the software has been updated when the inspection takes place, that should be taken as an admission.…

iPhone : Yes. There was an article that discussed this several months ago. A lot of Europeans are very frustrated by the BLM movement and CRT that has spilled out of the “toxic” U.S. and into Europe.…

iPhone : Don’t get whiplash following this case, folks. What a day!

Also, why isn’t everyone ok with a forensic analysis? Shouldn’t they welcome an inspection so they can prove us all crazy? 🤔…

iPhone : Breaking Report: Some members of the Arizona state legislature will hold a hearing on election integrity alongside Trump campaign lawyers on Monday, November 30.

I’m so proud of Republican State Legislators stepping up for election integrity to save our Republic. 🇺🇸