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Android : ちゃそ🥝💗🍎新刊デルッ! アアーッ!!アイコン実写版の寒咲パパ!!今さら気づきました…すみません…🙇 pdr映画、出演者も豪華ですし公開終了までに見に行きたいところです…!!

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Twitter Web App : well, goodnight


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Hootsuite Inc. : 【 #週チャン 43号は9/24(木)発売】
今週の『 #六道の悪女たち 』は?

Twitter Web App : Me: Havent drawn in weeks, lets keep this simple with just Scorpia and Catra
Me: *has an idea to draw party scene and MULTIPLE characters doing their own chaotic thing*
Me: *drawing it all and regretting* oh my god you fucking idiot why are you like this

⚠️R-18 fanart◇AT(Prismo/Lich. Prismo/Jake)◇The Midnight Gospel(clancy)◇SPoP(Horde Prime/Clone/Hordak.Entrapdak

Twitter Web App : Strikers in Martin Place are speaking FACTS!

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iPhone : Aiden It could be any of those, but if you think you’re insulin resistant you may wanna talk to your current doctor about it. :0

Android : 🍥「お前ほんとゲーム下手なんだな」

Android : 心が乱れた時に見るほっぺむにむに工場

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