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iPhone : Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yisrael Meir Lau, tested positive for Coronavirus this weekend, after receiving the second vaccine dose.

His grandson Yedidya Lau said, Thank G-d, he feels excellent at home with no symptoms.”

iPhone : Today, Sheldon Adelson was buried in Jerusalem.

Having amassed of fortune of over 36 Billion, is buried with no fanfare, no ornate casket.

The billions cant go with him but the innumerable amounts of charity that he gave throughout his life surely acompanies him.

iPhone : This is despicable. I condemn this vile act in the strongest terms possible and stand united with Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, Rabbi Adam Scheier, and Jewish Canadians across the country. We must always denounce antisemitic hate, no matter when or where it arises. twitter.com/MarcMillerVM/s…

iPhone : אנן פועלי דיומי.
We are day workers, ‘day’ meaning ‘light’, our job is to spread light.

Let use our energies in spreading ‘light’ -positive

iPhone : Jewish couple in Florida is celebrating two hefty milestones together this year: 100 years of life, and 80 years of marriage.

Lou and Edith Bluefeld, of Boca Raton, have known each other since they were 16. Their 80th wedding anniversary is Feb. 23.

iPhone : Rabbi Yisroel Bernath As I was learning Tanya a few days ago and translating things literally. It just hit me!
Based on your post the day before about your medical drama.
They literally cut the מרה שחורה right out of you.
May you heal in such a way, that it will be as if you were never

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We currently have over 100 couples dating. All you need to do is go to JMontreal.com and use Marketing Code: RabbiGift and its completely FREE.

iPhone : 1. Everyone who craps on you is not necessarily your enemy.
2. Everyone who gets you out of crap is not necessarily your friend.
3. If you’re warm and happy in a pile of crap, keep your mouth shut. 7/7

iPhone : found the chirping bird and promptly ate him.

Now, it may seem that there are no lessons here, but there are. In fact, there are three that Reb Mendel taught us: ....6/7