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iPhone : Back to Monsieur de Clermont (sorry for the previously Anglicized spelling) I am beyond impressed that they actually had the characters speak Occitan and refer disparagingly to new French. Really well done. (pics dont come thru bc of rights permissions)

iPhone : Sonnet 79. #ASonnetADay

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iPhone : alan macdougall I could write essays on this, much less tweets, but you are right. So much of fear --especially of others -- comes down to a broken bond with the self bc people believe they can only have love through compromising or harming themselves for the other. Ofc that's not necessary.

iPhone : Linguistic hills on which I will die:

1) 'Fulsome' apologies are insincere, not full
2) 'Chatham House rules' does not mean off the record
3) It is in fact the Chatham House rule
4) 'Enormity' means bad
5) 'To coin a phrase' means it's overused, not that you've invented it

iPhone : Fast-fashion Zara backer Amancio Ortega now owns more than $17 billion in global real estate, his firm discloses for the first time trib.al/jLAHl1U

iPhone : ‘Trump Is Finally Done, Trump Is Finally Done,’ Says Strait-Jacketed Opinion Columnist Babbling To Cup Of Applesauce bit.ly/3fnrQlo

iPhone : alan macdougall Well the vampires explain it as "my God, I could kill you!" to explain the pushing-away but in human terms that translates to the fearful avoidants' lack of self-trust and fear that relationships will consume them entirely

iPhone : And here is how those vampires could have happier relationships that require less exhausting vampiric hypervigilance, which is tiring even for those with excellent reflexes and heightened immortal senses

iPhone : If any vampires or vampire-adjacent people are reading this, some texts from Attached that help explain the unmet needs of all your favorite sexy vampires. Remember that IMO they are anxious-avoidant so they have both sets of qualities depending on their wounds and triggers