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Moorlands K9 Rescue

Bio Moorlands K9 Rescue was a small all breed rescue near Shrewsbury.
Sue Tipton has now retired and this account is to help others in rescue and for pupdates! ❀🐾

Location Condover, Shropshire UK
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Android : Four years ago today and beautiful boy Bruce skipped off to his forever home and has never looked back ❀
Happy Gotcha Day gorgeous boy!

#adopted and #adored #TeamMoorlands #TeamZay

Android : This is your one hour warning!!#PleaseRT & tell your #anipals #please join us 4 #forgottensoulshour at 9pmπŸ’š

Android : Dis pretty laydee is our kennel pal Rusty *swoons* I gots a bit of ear envy goings on πŸ˜‰
Poor Rusty is struggling in kennels and wud really luffs a pet free forever home asap to help her not to struggle. Pleeze helps??? *sad ears* for Rusty tonight πŸ’™πŸ’™ #TeamHilbrae #TeamZay

Android : Sweet dreamies pals, wees off to beds now. Fank yoos so much for all da suppawt and luff today, wees really do haff da bestest suppawters and we luffs yoo all. Night night, lots of luffs T and L #TeddyandLabus #TeamHilbrae #TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop πŸ’™

Android : Teddy Labus - Helping Hilbraes Hounds into Homes saved from a life of abuse by the fab folk at Hilbrae Dog Rescue near Telford in #Shropshire Please help them find love today 🀞❀
Please call the kennel team on 01952 541254 if youd like to find out more ❀
#TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop ❀

Android : Morning pals! Have yoos had any snow??
Nuffing nice and white and fluffy here.....Teddy about da closest to dat here BOL! πŸ˜†
Haff a furbulous Fursday everybuddy and have fun in da snow if yoos haff some but stay safe too.
Lots of luffs T and L #TeddyandLabus #TeamHilbrae #TeamZay

Android : Dis pretty girlie is our kennel pal Mezza, she was a nervous lickle laydee wen she first arrived but is now happy and friendly and lots of fun!!
Dog and cat friendly too, can yoos helps her find luff today pleeze?
Call our kennel nannies on 01952 541254 to find out mores πŸ’™πŸ’™

Android : Molly Dog here this #woofwoofwednesday just wondering if you can still see me as no one has enquired about me
I keep asking where my forever family are *sad ears* 😒
Pls read my info & if you think you are the family for me,dont delay,get in touch today!

Android : Our Zak has a few issues that we would like to be worked on, mainly his bounciness which can be a bit much. We feel he would do better in a foster home to help him with this. Can you offer him one please? Child and pet free preferably. Get in touch today, thanks! #seniorstaffy

Android : ****Newbies Alert****
Check out this delightful duo who have joined us at SSC Otto and Star, arent they #adorabull 😍😍 They will be given time to settle and to be assessed & then more info will follow as we discover more about them.
In the meantime just enjoy! πŸ’› #seniorstaffy

Android : Time to sign off for the evening so well leave you with this from our darling Winnie Woo!
Sweet dreams Staffy lovers, thank you for all the support today. Sleep well πŸ’›πŸΎπŸ’› #seniorstaffy #TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop

Android : #SpanielHour
BRACKEN IS AN ELDERLY GUY WHO IS #Lost IN ALL THIS BAD WEATHER Male #Spaniel x Brown with white/grey spots #ToreMains between #Tore & #Killen #BlackIsle 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #IV6 6/1/20 hes #Dementia going #blind n #Deaf BIG | Black Isle Group Killens Steakhouse…

Android : Check out our Zak this #woofwoofwednesday isnt he handsome! 😍
7 years young, can be excitable at times but a sweetie too.
More details available at… πŸ’›πŸ’› #Seniorstaffy #TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop πŸ’›πŸ’›

Android : Dont know if dis will works but dis was us dis mornings when our kennel nannies comes to lets us out, wees so excited to see dem!
Hope it works.....… πŸ’™πŸ’™ #TeamHilbrae #TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop #woofwoofwednesday

Android : Blitz is a fab lad in rescue at Hilbrae Dog Rescue near Telford in #Shropshire and hes on the lookout for a loving forever home this #woofwoofwednesday Please help with an RT?
Please call the kennel team on 01952 541254 if youd like to find out more ❀
#TeamZay #adoptme #DOGS

Android : Smokey is a sweet and shy boy in rescue Oakwood Dog Rescue in #Hull and hes on the lookout for a loving forever home this #woofwoofwednesday Please help with an RT?
All info and enquiries at… #TeamZay #itsallaboutthedogs #RESCUE #adoptdontshop ❀❀