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Twitter Web App : An article about the situation of people in transit in Montenegro.
Stop illegal #pushbacks around Europe and along the #balkanroute.
#NOBORDER #LeaveNoOneBehind…

Twitter Web App : Podcast about the current situation in Bosnia on rehvvollte. Interview with Gorana Mlinarević from the Transbalkan Solidarity Network.

Twitter Web App : Sarajevo: Police is driving people from the streets/squats to camp or just outside the city every day. Returning after. Sometimes beaten up. No medical support in overcrowded camps. Support completely illegalised. #opentheborders #LeaveNoOneBehind #balkanroute #Covid_19

Twitter Web App : It hasn't stopped racist siniphobic attacks on South East Asian people all around the world though. . . Nor the increase in already existing police harassment towards p.o.cs...…

Twitter Web App : It is great people are wanting to take collective housing action but i feel that calling for rent to be suspended is a really short term gain, where as demanding benefits that cover rent &aren’t delayed 5 weeks is a win that will help those in the worst housing after this crisis!…

Twitter Web App : À Toulouse le collectif on ne paie plus 31 a sorti un guide pour expliquer les démarches à suivre!
À lire et à faire tourner !

Twitter Web App : While homeless NYers struggle to survive COVID19 with no resources or support, Homeless Services and Mayor Bill de Blasio have found a way to make their situation even more impossible.

**Allies: if you see a notice like this, please take a photo & let us know.**

#SweepWatch #HomelessCantStayHome

Twitter Web App : Living, sleeping, studying, playing, cooking in the same tiny room. Life was unbearable for overcrowded families before the lockdown. Southwark council were due to make a decision on this familys case 2 wks ago. Overcrowded families must not be ignored! ……

Twitter Web App : Lisbonne suspend le paiement des loyers dans les HLM

Twitter Web App : Happy Birthday Anti-Poll Tax Riot, London 31st March 1990. Just as important is the 3 years of an estimated 1500 local Anti-Poll Tax groups across the UK organising non-payment, against its implementation by local councils, against bailiffs & supporting prisoners (1)

Twitter Web App : Current situation for people in transit in Velika Kladuša (BiH):

Twitter Web App : #COVID19 is used to legitimize #PushBacks, even at Sea:

A boat carrying around 200 ppl was #PushedBack by #Cyprus coast guard.

Do not let the pandemic be an excuse to further undermine the rights of those seeking safety!


Twitter Web App : Mieten bei Hartzv IV in voller Höhe übernommen. Grundsätzlich gut. ABER: Subventionierung der Spekulanten läuft. BGE hätte ähnliches Problem? #Mietenwahnsinn stoppen. #Enteignung #mietstreik #rentstrike #COVID19…

Twitter Web App : Big shout out to our friends at the GRASS mutual aid centre in Holloway! Were not asking, were not repaying! Join the #RentStrike! #SolidarityNotCharity

Twitter Web App : #StayAtHome is not possible for everyone in times of Covid19. Especially if you are homeless. Thats why we squatted one Airbnb, 9 empty apartments and 2 houses in Berlin and gave them for those who need a safe place.
Solidarity will win!