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iPhone : You can support the troops, your community, and the many good people who live in this country without supporting war, the corrupt leaders of this nation, & the bad people in this country. The act of celebrating the good does not negate the need to improve & eliminate the bad.

iPhone : A great way to spend July 4th, maybe tonight when the day is wrapping up, is to watch The Outpost. It’s available to rent on most streaming services. Can’t recommend a movie more enthusiastically than I do with that movie.

Twitter Web App : Joey Magidson Rod Lurie The Outpost I just listened to your (great) interview with Rod Lurie. I just finished the movie and, just as you mentioned, I was left with it lingering in my mind. I suppose it will for a long time. Your conversation was great. I agree this movie is a tip of the cap to the American soldier.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Ray Rodriguez Just finished The Outpost & feel selfish for enjoying it (best movie I’ve seen this year), despite the many lives & sacrifices it represents. What you did for this country should be honored more. Best thing I can do is thank u & others for your service. So, thank u.

Twitter Web App : Sorry, final final thing. Don't forget to watch through the closing credits of the movie. Few reasons:
- we learn the medals/honors earned by the soldiers
- we hear Rita Wilson sing the original song that is perfect
- we see a Jake Tapper interview that is very moving

Twitter Web App : Rod Lurie That's mighty kind of you. I'm still in awe of what I just saw. Hamilton came out today. That's great and all, but I am certain I saw the best thing there was to see when I watched The Outpost. And I saw the dedication. You made Hunter proud, sir. No doubt about it. #Oscar

Twitter Web App : Thank you, Mike. And people should get your fantastic book THE ELECTRIC WAR (which I own) about Tesla and Edison and Westinghouse. You're a damn good writer. twitter.com/mrmikewinch/st…

Twitter Web App : Finally, if you come away from this movie without an appreciation for our soldiers (regardless of how you feel philosophically about America, military, or war), I don't know what to tell you. You can love the people who fight without loving the fight. This movie brings that home.

Twitter Web App : The first 30-40 minutes develop the characters well enough to where we care about them all. We also understand the context of the story & situation. When we get to around 50 minutes in...damn...hang on tight, you're in for non-stop intensity. It's so well done. Enjoy.

Twitter Web App : A note to people who watch the movie. The beginning is a little clunky with how they introduce the characters, the location, and the "chapter titles" (I didn't understand why they were flashing the captain's names at first--they are essentially chapter titles).

Twitter Web App : Caleb Landry Jones continues to impress in supporting roles, and in THE OUTPOST I feel he (like Eastwood) deserves an Oscar nod. Every actor was very good, with the exception of Orlando Bloom, who couldn't get rid of that Australian accent (he's still solid, though).

Twitter Web App : I just finished THE OUTPOST. It was the best movie I've seen this year (and I've seen 'em all). A few things...I had never cared for Scott Eastwood as an actor. Man, did he make a fan out of me in this movie! He should be up for, and perhaps win, an Oscar. That's how good he is.

Twitter Web App : Rod Lurie The Outpost Rita Wilson Larry Groupé It worked perfectly, when Rita sang it during the closing credits, but also when it is sung by the soldiers/actors in the movie. That was an absolutely phenomenal movie, Rod. I am in awe of what I just watched. That better bring home some Oscars or I'm crying foul.

Twitter Web App : Just watched the Best Film of 2020, The Outpost. Scott Eastwood & Caleb Landry Jones are both Oscar-worthy. Entire cast is phenomenal & did Jake Tapper's book justice, just as Jake did the soldiers justice. Most intense battle sequence since Saving Private Ryan's opening.

Twitter Web App : Jake Tapper My lord, Jake, this is DAMN good movie. I've seen just about every movie that's come out in 2020 and this is the best I've seen. No hyperbole.

Twitter Web App : Ah, the cliched irony of being trendy by making fun of a trend. Creative. Haven't seen that a million times before. twitter.com/JoePokrzywa/st…

Twitter Web App : Bigb72 HOMAGE Yeah, I like the throwback look. High quality shirts too. Soft as hell. I'm waiting on a NBA Jam Derrick Coleman, Drazen Petrovic shirt in XXL. I need that shirt. They don't have in stock so I'm waiting.