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Android : Shout out if you're an NHS Maudsley employee and looking for Advanced Clinical Practitioner training in 20/21.

NOW is the time to email to get your details to us so we can check your eligibility 👍

Android : The power I have and some fear of is that I LOVE myself therefore I will NEVER stay quiet and always put myself FIRST.

You can not pour from an empty cup.

I don't need anyone validation to know what I am capable off.

It is just a matter of time and patience.


Android : I think of the highest form of compliment is when somebody tells you they have learned something from talking to you 🙏

You do not have to be a 'leader' to make change as anyone can lead and learned from.

To think highly of self and others whilst sharing 🖤


Android : WeNurses 💙 I think leaders are those who advocate for the disadvantages, champion diversity, equality and inclusiveness and reflect that through their teams from top down.
You can not lead if you do not represent me, my interests or ignore discrimination in workplace.


Android : WeNurses 💙 We can learn leadership from anyone e.g. fellow nurses, nursing associates, healthcare support workers, students, other healthcare professions, patients, carers etc.

Anyone can be a leader and for some it comes naturally.


Android : WeNurses 💙 Sensitivity, empathy, reflection, good listening skills, humility, positive presence, willing to learm from others and sharing knowledge, advocate for equality and be an ally.


Android : “So, verily, with every harship comes ease. Verily with every hardship comes ease.” (Ash-Sharh: 5-6)

One of my fav Qur'an passage.
Reflecting back on my #JourneyOfTNA and how far I have come not just in knowledge, experience, resilience and personal growth 🖤


Android : The deeply shocking events in USA have made us all stop & reflect again. We have spoken a lot about this across NHS Maudsley this week - this is the message we have given to all staff…