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iPhone : 90% of all phone users have their location services turned on. Giving up the privacy to countless 3rd parties. Government suggests to download an app that tracks your location to assist in fighting a pandemic - everyone loses their mind.

iPhone : Thanks to the Guardian Australia readers who have trusted us to deliver the news at this time and made us #4 Australian news site according to latest Nielsen figures for March - all 11.6m of them!! - and who have also made us the fastest growing news site. And thanks to a great team.

iPhone : From me: some extremely cautious good news as the daily coronavirus infection rate in Australia slows.

Doesn't mean you can leave your house, should fortify you to keep staying at home.…

iPhone : Hard truth of COVID-19: the rich are spreading it: Aspen, Noosa, cruise ship passengers, folks 'quarrantining" at their beach bolthole despite evidence to remain at home. It's the poor who are copping consequences: stood down from cafes, restaurants, pubs, Cotton On

iPhone : It’s too late now - buckle down folks because we are headed towards a very dark place. Thanks to some in the good old Aussie public…

iPhone : Some of the behaviour today - when we’re asking people to stay home - has been really crap. It’s hard to change habits and it’s hard to see dangers that aren’t apparent yet. But with 3,000 cases of COVID in Australia this week, we’re headed to 100,000 in 2-3 weeks without change.

iPhone : Can you leave Guardian Australia Full Story podcast a voice mail? During this pandemic in Australia we want to know how you are feeling and how your life has changed.Β Reach us on (02) 8076 8550 and leave a voicemail (and if you like leave name & number and we could get in touch)