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Twitter Web App : My sister in law Tina Abner just joined and we are working together she will be posting information on this murder also she is a patriot and a Q follower give her a follow she may have different information then I get.. THANK YOU again patriots and friends for helping us

Twitter Web App : S C H M 0 S S it is true he was my Nephew and the first scumbag hit my sister in the head with the butt of the rifle so hard it broke the stock.…

Twitter Web App : Linus Tech-Priest person Republican of Western Canada I did not post on any chan boards, so not sure what your deal is, I am dealing with enough shit right now, if this some how ended up on a chans board or what ever I am sorry, I asked for help and hundreds of people came to my aid, I am humbled by that,and very appreciative

Twitter Web App : Jon T_p R_ck B_ng I live in MT and he lived in WA so I am not sure if he was involved in drugs or owed alot of money