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iPhone : I kept looking at the screen for whole 5 minutes. Even when the video ended it didn’t feel like it ended…

iPhone : The TinyTan animation MV really felt like it's saying the music BTS have released not only our emotional relief but in each songs, BTS are silently cheering us through our personal tribulations and rooting for whatever dreams we want to achieve & destination that we're heading to

iPhone : The tinytannies were sad to leave the girl but they must go on. And then tinytanniesuga looked back and smiled bcz he was in ease knowing she was sound asleep away from her worries. I’m soft and I’m definitely not crying 🥺🥺

iPhone : You know how they stopped the music at 00:00 for a little while when she went in to that imaginary land. And how exactly at 00:01 the song ended.

iPhone : It’s ok. I’m gonna wait. I hope we aren’t putting a lot of pressure on JK. He can take his time and drop it when he’s satisfied and ready 💜