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Android : Say whaaaatttt????? You guys made this happen!🥺Thank you so much!

TOP 10 is being determined next week, competition is narrowing to top 5 & then group winner after that.

Pls vote everyday if you can! ❤️ #favchef…

Android : You’re on iOS. You’ve got our dedicated #FacebookGaming app installed.

But do you have our WIDGET!? It shows you when your followed creators are live.

It comes in extra large, large and Stone mode.

/checks notes

Sorry. ‘Small’ mode.

Android : No streams today Chad. Taking the day to get ready for the move and whatnot.

Android : 🟥|[LIVE]| on #Twitch

We’ll be jumping into Valheim #Valheim all day in our Highlander Server⚔️

Joined by Bob WeDontWhisper 🖤 & Tyler Scheid on our way to defeat the 2nd boss!

Type “!multi” to see all channels

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Android : BLM There's a scam. If you could report the page for impersonating me they would be awesome

Android : Just wanna see something...

Like this tweet if you are:

A woman


You told a medical professional that there was something wrong with you and they told you that it was in your head, or your were wrong... and it turned out you were right.

Android : You guys!... thanks to all your support, I’ve moved up to 3rd place! If you can, pls cast your vote once a day. This is only the first stage of the competition and I would love to keep moving forward. Thank you again for supporting and voting! #FavChef…

Android : Wifey made this delicious Apple Cream Torte tonight🤤

If you’ve loved the food Yohanna W has created, please vote for her in #BonAppetit’s Favorite Chef competition

Voting ends on the 25th,
can vote daily!


Android : Also, you can vote EVERY DAY so if you want to be extra awesome you can come back and vote for her multiple times!

Android : Mandy and I have a friend who is an amazing chef. Like, AMAZING chef.

You should vote for Yohanna W in this online competition because she's so talented and deserves it!…

Android : Voting is open now! 😍 Please vote for yours truly to be Bon Appétit ‘s next Favorite Chef. I’m super excited for this opportunity, so thank you for all your support. 🥰…
#favchef #BonAppetit

Twitter Web App : 🟥[LIVE] on #Twitch

Warm up Morning
Coffee Gaming Chat☕️

• 1PM PT - Joined by Bob Tasi 🏝️ Kreenpananas (He/Him) Garuku Bluemoon WeDontWhisper 🖤 & Tyler Scheid!

Nothing but love and ZERO backstabs in Project Winter #ProjectWinter ♥️

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Android : After adding our donations for stars during the stream and shirt sale proceeds, the grand total raised for Share the Love 2021 is $5,606.78! Thank you Mandy for being the best valentine and thank you Bobbleheads for hanging out and raising money for a great cause!