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Bio illustrator and 3d artist, loves drinking soju || for contact: || @ichigogoooooooo ❤️
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Twitter Web App : Some landscapes from Dome-King Cabbage #faceyourlandscape #screenshotsaturday #indiedev

Android : Heres my rough animation for Nima!

Thanks alaine baybayan ⚡️ and Rossdraws ✦ for the opportunity to animate on this project!

Cleaned up by Aiken and colin🐌

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Twitter Web App : PiplupPeanut .......................... i....... stopped playing twilight princess at the very first dungeon

Twitter Web App : PiplupPeanut pokemon black seems like a fair trade-off in comparison to what i did LOL 😂

Android : i turned off ocarina of time after 5 minutes of playing and eventually traded it in for pacman world…

Twitter Web App : Liam Allen-Miller thank you liam! the fact that you and others think it actually looks official makes me happy😢i appreciate it very much!

Twitter Web App : just want to thank everybody for all the love this animation has been receiving! eb is one of my favorite games and i'm excited to create more with these kids when i have time. the response to this has been overwhelming, so again i'm very appreciative of the kind comments 😭

Twitter Web App : Dakota i was hoping you'd see this! i had you in mind while i was working on this one. glad you like it!!!

Twitter Web App : Meloettodio S thank you! and bingo!!!! i was waiting for somebody to point out the inspiration for the animation. you made my day! 😁

Twitter Web App : i made a small animation of the earthbound/mother 2 kids! i had a lot of fun with this one. i wish this game had a remake of some sort 🥲

all models were created by me from scratch, along with the rigging/animation/lighting.