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iPhone : Jeane Freeman Well cabinet secretary I tweet you most days to say my 85 year old father who is in the very high risk category has not been vaccinated, well no more, he got it today 👍🏻

iPhone : The Guardian Nigella Lawson Some media and politicians are framing the deaths of the elderly as inevitable, which of course they weren’t. I wholeheartedly agree with your father and I’m so sorry for his death and your loss. The truth is the elderly and vulnerable are not valued by this despicable government

iPhone : BBC News (UK) For anyone thinking Boris is trying his best

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iPhone : 🚨 IT’S HERE! 🚨 Here is our Wonderwall x ‘Smalltown Boy (Mashup Cover). Two of our fave tunes by Oasis & Bronski Beat. Full video on our youtube 🎶: youtu.be/Xycg3SDjTOo

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iPhone : Sonia Sodha I’m not an educator, however I do believe all children should repeat a year and delay starting for others. Children have all their lives to work and be adults, the focus just now should be on their wellbeing as the priority.

iPhone : .Boris Johnson: ...One of the theories is that... you know... perhaps you could sort of take it on the chin... Take it on in one go and allow the disease as it were to move through the population... 100,000 #COVID19 deaths later... #ResignJohnson

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iPhone : The UK’s political system is rotten and stinks

The ultimate source of the putrid decay and the stench is the mainstream media, which fails to do its duty to hold the powerful to account - instead it produces endless PROPAGANDA on behalf of the powerful twitter.com/jimmfelton/sta…

iPhone : Sumu. Katie Price Just watched the documentary Katie, what a wonderfully polite and beautiful young man you have raised. Wishing you the absolute best in finding Harvey the right college. ❤️

iPhone : Stephen Fry I hope you’re feeling well Stephen and enjoyed your recent anniversary. Your narcissistic politician in Its a Sin was disgustingly brilliant.

iPhone : Let the history books show that with the worst infection rate in the world, everybody exhausted and depressed by lockdown and with 100,000 dead the government declared war on the true enemy: people who aren’t a fan of racism