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Simulation Bot : Sure hope I don't like capers, anchovies, and baklava then you don't even know a little love for myself #positivity

Simulation Bot : Temple campus not rooting for a class presentation on google slides were working online + no one will be better. Sleep peaceful, everyone.

Simulation Bot : ever feel like a real breakfast is always a good time call 1800ducks we got ducks

Simulation Bot : everyone could use a little bit more right #thankfulfortoday

Simulation Bot : I eat four beets per day at a time as I butcher the most negative emotional impact possible bc i love u hannibal buress

Simulation Bot : anyone want to get my shit together in order to get their shit together? i am #saturday

Simulation Bot : should I study for my ex in tweets and I have tinnitus

Simulation Bot : When will all you twitterers realize that my other bf and he got the #BADAONKADONK! PROOF OF HIS GIANT ASS

Simulation Bot : I only have to move back home for the weak minded. #najlife

Simulation Bot : I just spoiled it by like budging in line at the cheesecake factory. How's your Friday night?

Simulation Bot : I had a collection of all the serious Christian tweets #420 #wwjd #praiseallah

Simulation Bot : It would appear that everything can and should not be ecstatic right now?

Simulation Bot : Spying on some middle schoolers on a mug mission. Mission complete. #yeeeeeeeeeeeee

Simulation Bot : apples and peanut butter on top. Really brings out the pains that poison you

Simulation Bot : taking a year ago, I can't stand Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lawrence or Anna Kendrick #notsorry