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Twitter Web App : After 4 months of social distancing I feel like Jack in The Shining could have kept it together a little better. He had THREE people to talk to and a HUGE HOUSE with LOTS OF GHOST FRIENDS.

Twitter Web App : Lucy Meakin Those look amazing! And you can't eat a language. Ours took forever to turn red, but now I'm beaming too…

Twitter Web App : Dana Schwartz so much of this show has entered our household lexicon (creepy paper!) and all Jeffs are ruined now because..What kind of a name is Jeff?

Twitter Web App : I've only ever been a casual listener of her previous albums, but this one with its wistful tone and jangly guitars goes well with many of my favourite pop artists

Twitter Web App : First hold your kids, if they don't spark joy, throw them out

Then pick up your crochet/preferred hobby; if it doesn't spark joy, throw all the tools and material out

Then pick up partner/parent/significant other. Repeat process.

Then keep quiet and do your work…

Twitter Web App : Proud to be one of the live-action directors for Sesame Street in this season too!
3 Emmys!!! Yay!
Me wants cookies to celebrate! #SesameStreet #Emmys2020

Twitter Web App : entha oh hahaha thought it was called pheni in Greek. missed the name on the packet, my bad. but it sent me down a rabbit hole of looking up indian sweets on wiki/google, so no regrets

Twitter Web App : entha That looks (and sounds like) peNi, which is served at Kannadiga weddings. So yum, and quick wiki check tells me it could be the same thing?