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Android : In 2020, it's 100% OK for individuals and corporations to mistreat their staff, use sweatshop labour, dodge taxes, and fund morally dubious causes.

As long as they support BLM and throw up some token rainbow flags on occasion.

The masses are easily pleased...

Android : Finding Freedom drags the royal biography – and the Royal family – into the show business gutter…

Twitter Web App : The Government’s chaotic handling of A-level results means a generation of young people are unable to live the future they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Sign our petition and demand the Government re-thinks its approach 👇

Twitter Web App : Today I wrote to the Education Secretary to share the heartbreak and enormous frustration of students in my constituency, whose future has been put at risk by this Govt. Young people have suffered enough already this year, we cannot allow yet another affront to go unchallenged

Twitter Web App : No generation since the war have suffered a more uncertain future than the young today. Give them some slack and a little hand up. Predicted grades should be real grades. #torychaos #alevels2020 #AlevelResults

Twitter Web App : My new piece in TCW:

Idiocy of big business’s support for Marxist BLM… via @theconwom

Android : Please allow them all to resit their exams in exam conditions in the Autumn. Let's do this properly.…

Twitter Web App : Matt Hopkinson NHS London Now we have surplus beds and surplus hospitals and billions of PPE, even if there is a 2nd/3rd wave, hospitals have no excuse and should continue offering all services, as should GPs. Not a single operation or treatment should be delayed.

Twitter Web App : This petition is calling for all students to be given their teacher-assessed grades. I am calling for all students to be allowed to sit their exams in proper exam conditions in the Autumn.…

Twitter Web App : My daughter, whose predicted A level grades were A,B,B has just been ‘awarded’ C,C,C and all of her UCAS offers have been withdrawn.

Gavin Williamson Boris Johnson You are an utter disgrace and we won’t put up with this #AlevelResults

Twitter Web App : I very much doubt the education secretary will be able to survive this.

Twitter Web App : The teaching unions need to be closed down.…