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Sprout Social : Stopping the #COVID19 pandemic could rely on breakneck efforts to visualize SARS-CoV-2 proteins and use them to design drugs and vaccines.

Sprout Social : Researchers and developers around the world have been racing to design protocols that can win public trust and gain wide adoption for contact tracing apps. Still, there is no guarantee that any app will work as intended to help curb the #COVID19 pandemic.

Sprout Social : A Nature paper shows a boost in control of the fundamental properties of molecules at the quantum level through linking or entangling an electrically charged atom and an electrically charged molecule.

Sprout Social : Lockdowns and social-distancing measures aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus seem to have shortened the influenza season in the northern hemisphere by about six weeks.

Sprout Social : More than 90 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 across the world. At least six groups have begun injecting formulations into volunteers in safety trials. Here is a graphical guide explaining each vaccine design. #COVID19

Sprout Social : Online meetings might lack many of the benefits of an in-person conference, but there’s a lot to like about virtual conferencing. As more meetings move online, researchers are increasingly trying to accept the new virtual reality of scientific gatherings.

Sprout Social : News & Views: A Nature paper reveals a massive, rotating disk of cold gas inside a star-forming galaxy 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang. This is earlier in cosmic history than the times when previously detected gas disks were found to have existed.

Sprout Social : A Nature paper describes an enzyme that converts mRNAs into templates for the formation of small RNAs and mediators of transgenerational gene silencing.

Sprout Social : A paper in Nature reports that SARS-CoV-2 infection in golden hamsters resembles features found in humans with mild infections. The findings suggest this small animal model may be suitable to support #COVID19 vaccine and therapy development.

Sprout Social : Julian Perry Robinson was a chemist and lawyer who shaped international weapons conventions. He helped bring rationality to a field in which emotions often run high, and his ideas influenced the negotiation and implementation of international law.

Sprout Social : The skies of Santiago grow murky with air pollution during the national football team’s biggest matches — because fans fire up their barbecues. #ResearchHighlight

Sprout Social : A Nature paper shows a light-driven sodium pump from bacterial cells, and the findings promise progress in the development of new methods in neurobiology.

Sprout Social : This week on the Working Scientist podcast: Science communication made simple. Listen below.

Sprout Social : Research published in Nature describes macrophage development at single-cell resolution in human embryos.

Sprout Social : Editorial: It is crucial that any #COVID19 vaccine can be manufactured and distributed quickly in every country. For it to happen, the holders of intellectual property must pool their know-how so that all companies can participate in this emergency effort.

Sprout Social : A study in Nature finds significant variability in both the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset as well as in the resulting conclusions when it was distributed to seventy teams around the globe.

Sprout Social : News & Views: A study published in Nature fills some gaps in our knowledge of how gut microbes might contribute to ALS.

Sprout Social : Several analyses suggest that women’s publishing rate has fallen relative to men’s amid the pandemic.

Sprout Social : Research published in Nature dramatically reduces the uncertainties in estimates of 1980-2018 Northern Hemisphere snow mass and reveals sharply contrasting trends within and among continents.

Sprout Social : News & Views: The multi-subunit protein haemoglobin relies on complex interactions between its components to function properly. Analysis of ancient precursors published in Nature suggests that its evolution from a simple monomer involved only a few steps.