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surrender your money to adam sass

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iPhone : everyone making their notions look pretty is the same energy as buying a planner at the beginning of the year but not using it after a month

iPhone : Imo what anime does right is making us care about a character, and THEN building the world and stakes around them.

Western publishing is v high concept/stakes-driven with excellent world-building, but imo the scaffolding collapses if we aren’t invested in the character enough…

iPhone : thinking about how anime/manga taught me so much more about character development, constantly rising stakes, and sympathetic antagonists than Western novels ever did

thinking about how anime/manga MAGNIFICENTLY push the boundaries of imagination, Western publishing would never

iPhone : There is an upsetting amount of people in my TL who are still somehow under the impression that the crisis in America right now is about Bad People Abusing a Good System, and not the obvious and inevitable end-result of a system that was badly-designed and broken to begin with

iPhone : The hardest lesson I’ve learned in my early 20s is that even though I want to support and befriend everyone, some ppl can’t/won’t reciprocate that energy for whatever reason that’s none of my business, and I need to redirect my energy toward me and those who DO reciprocate.