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Android : 🆘VoteToMove🇺🇸Frwd🆘 So true, Netsy! I feel a lot of hope when I see inspiring young people like Greta Thunberg. There she was a year ago, a single young voice, sitting outside the Swedish Parliament staging the 1st climate strike. 1 yr later, an estimated 1.4M, worldwide, many children, joined her.

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Android : 🆘VoteToMove🇺🇸Frwd🆘 Yes,that’s a v good point. The “great” economy is being propped up an ever exploding national debt. Some of the world’s best economists are predicting a worldwide recession. I wonder how his supporters will justify that. Like every ill in the 🌍, it’ll be due to Hillary’s emails!

Android : The Syrian Kurds stood with the United States in the fight against ISIS, and this President just betrayed them in a tweet.

This will further destabilize the region and haunt the United States for years to come.

How can anyone trust the United States under this President?

Android : Trump-My own personal Vietnam
(about not catching a STD)

The danger of dating,Trump said in 1997,was the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease"

"My own personal Vietnam,”

he explained. “I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”