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Android : Dan Rose Selling a legacy asset, into a slumping real estate market, to barely cover 1 year's worth of jason's incompetence, all because jason hates everyone, is probably exactly the kind of thing that jason gets off on.

Twitter Web App : Late to this, but the Alberta NDP should absolutely knock this off. They are being deliberately misleading, masquerading press release talking points as breaking news stories. A cynical disservice to the public, to the press—and to their own party. #ableg

Twitter Web App : If you want to attract talented people and future-oriented investments to your jurisdiction, study Alberta’s strategy over the last couple of years and do the opposite.…

Twitter Web App : I want to host a TV show called "The Centrist" where it's just me asking racists if we can all just get along. It'll be a hit.

Twitter Web App : It's wild watching this province dismantle our flagship university, which has been a part of the fabric of Alberta from the very beginning of the province.

Finding it pretty hard to imagine any sort of tomorrow for #UAlberta these days.

Twitter Web App : Balneological Hospital, Druskinninkai, Lithuania (1979-1981)
Arch: R. Šilskas, A.Šilskienė
Demolished 2005
© Nicolas Grospierre…

Twitter Web App : Les oreillettes existent dans le cyclisme depuis le début du XXe siècle.

Cétait en effet le nom donné aux cache-oreilles des casques de stayers, ces pistards qui roulaient derrière des motos pétaradantes.

Twitter Web App : Your regular reminder, from Trevor here, that Alberta's deficit is largely a choice. If we matched the next lowest tax jurisdiction in Canada our revenue would be *$13 billion* higher, more than overcoming future deficits with even moderate spending restraint.…

Twitter Web App : I relax by taking my #bicycle apart and putting it back together again. - Michelle Pfeiffer 🛠️ 🚲 🔧

#HappyFriday dear #BikeFriends 🙌🏽 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴🏻 💚

Twitter Web App : La bici me permite volver a mis orígenes y a una vida más sencilla.

Art: Hiroshi Awatsuji 🚲🚲👏🏽

Twitter Web App : This space is abuzz with people and active mode transport. Let's be brave in Calgary and find opportunities to convert surface parking lots into spaces that convene people and create direct routes for active mode transport.…

Twitter Web App : Get your comments in about the St. Albert Trail to 97 st & Yellowhead Trail refurb. Active transport paths are there, but the details are a bit vague. I have a dream, that one day, cycling across Yellowhead won't be terrifying.… #yegbike

Android : Shape the concept ideas for a NEW BRIDGE just for active modes (walking, rolling, cycling) in SW #yeg over the Whitemud Freeway. This fixes a major missing link! 🎉

1️⃣ week to share your thoughts! #yegwalk #yegbike

Click the link -…

Android : It’s gloves off, folks. I know you’re worried.

I’m in your corner & we’re going to fight like hell to get you what you need to make life work for you & your family.

Join me Monday 12pm to talk about the future of our communities & of our City.

Details to follow.

#yegcc #yeg

Twitter Web App : vaccine is still a shit show
we didn't solve anything
someone needs to build wooden walkways outside of the vaccine areas, granny got hers, grampy didnt
waited for 45 got too cold without walker
we celebrated to early ;(
they didn't want ANYONE to be happy about this