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Buffer : An explosive went off at a #coronavirus testing center north of #Amsterdam before sunrise on Wednesday, shattering windows but causing no injuries in what police called an intentional attack.


Buffer : “Every action, every nomination that we have seen from the nascent Biden administration, insofar as it concerns China, has lessened the scrutiny, has lessened the sanctions, has lessened the pressure on communist China,” #Cruz said during a Senate meeting.

Buffer : In a deal to jettison itself from under #bankruptcy protection, #Hertz said Tuesday that it may sell a controlling stake in the company to two investment firms for $4.2 billion. Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection in May 2020.


Buffer : At least 10 rockets targeted a #military base in western #Iraq that hosts U.S.-led coalition troops on Wednesday, the coalition and the Iraqi military said. It was not immediately known if there were any casualties.


Buffer : The legislation, House Bill 75, requires voters to present either a #Wyoming driver’s license, or identification card, tribal identification card, valid U.S. passport, U.S. military card, or Medicare insurance card when casting their ballots in #elections.

Buffer : Theres a lot of concern, and people really need to watch whats happening in #education. We have these kids that are coming out of our system, and theyre completely indoctrinated.

Watch Tammy Nichols on hypocrisy of Federal Government

Buffer : “Stop the hypocrisy. Our children are suffering. Open schools full-time Now.”

Matt Meyer, the president of a #California #teachers union, has come under fire after a video was posted of him taking his 2-year-old daughter to a private preschool.


Buffer : The Senate voted 84-15 on Tuesday to confirm Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to head the U.S. Commerce Department, the agency that repeatedly sparred with #China during the prior administration.


Buffer : “Starting tomorrow, we are lifting all of our county mask mandates and businesses will be able to operate at full capacity without any state-imposed rules,” #Mississippi Gov. @TateReeves announced on Tuesday.


Buffer : Wuhan’s institute of #virology is researching yet another deadly virus. This one comes from the Xinjiang region and may wreak even more havoc in the body.

One man in #HK dies after receiving a #vaccine that was made in China.
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Buffer : “Americans don’t want to be a party to genocide and to totalitarianism, but yet the top of our federal government is, and it is disgraceful at a minimum.”


WATCH: youtu.be/l__RV9X2UhY

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Buffer : New research finds more than a third of young adults have signs of #smartphone #addiction, with many suffering from poor sleep. Those who used their phone after midnight for four or more hours were most likely to show signs of addiction.


Buffer : The #HongKong government reported on March 2 the death of an elderly man, two days after he received a #Chinese-made COVID-19 #vaccine. Health authorities are still investigating the cause of death to determine if it’s connected to the vaccine.


Buffer : The debate on #CancelCulture is growing. People are speaking out against the dangers of the practice, and one representative, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), is even requesting a hearing on the issue in the House. NTD’s Christina Kim takes a closer look.


Buffer : President #Biden had his first bilateral meeting with #Mexico’s president Monday. The virtual meeting was, for the most part, behind closed doors. Here’s what #NTD can gather from the information that’s been made public.


Buffer : President Joe #Biden’s nominee #NeeraTanden has withdrawn her nomination for Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the White House confirmed on Tuesday, signifying the first cabinet defeat for the Biden administration.


Buffer : One of my proudest accomplishments as president was to make America energy independent. The United States became the number one energy superpower. But if the democrats have their way, we are heading from energy dominance to energy disaster.—Former President #Trump at #CPAC2021

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Buffer : A group of #Democrats on Monday unveiled a bill that they say would impose a 2 percent tax on U.S. households with fortunes over $50 million to help pay for childcare, rebuilding infrastructure, and health reforms in the United States.


Buffer : .Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas) is calling President Joe Biden’s #immigration policies catastrophic. He predicts it will attract tens of thousands of Central American migrants to the border.


Buffer : They need to free women from being baby-making machines. And we recently saw #CommunistChina use that exact language. And so its very concerning for me.

Watch Morgan Zegers 🇺🇸 on the Truth of #Socialism👉youtu.be/i3GolWqxK1c

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