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Bio ZINASU President 🇿🇼|| Students Commander || Former G.Z.U S.R.C President || Philanthropist || Human Rights Activist || Writer ✍️
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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Android : Its impossible !

To have a true Social Revolution without the Liberation of women. Because women CAN !
Happy Birthday Star Dewah one of our icons in pushing for Woman Emancipation.
Even within the Students Movement.
More Life ! More Wisdom !

Android : State Capture is the root-cause of our conundrums in Zimbabwe !

ZBC News Onlines slander labeling our constitutional rights to freedom of expression illegal will never deflate our demands & quest for JUSTICE.

ABASHA Abductions !


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Android : 4/4
Any amount of repression/ oppression/ suppression should ALWAYS lead to RESISTANCE !

amorte nunca vai parar nossa luta pela liberdade !
Death will never stop our fight for freedom !
nem prisão
Nor Prison
nem Tortura
Nor Torture !!


Android : 3/4
We aren't asking for much
All we need is JUSTICE Tawanda Muchehiwa !

He was abducted & tortured by the Regime.
& we believe No Human-Being Black / White deserves such !

We call upon all Progressive Forces across the world to rise and DEMAND #JusticeForTawanda

#ALUTA !!!

Android : 2/4
It's worrying to note that 9 ZINASU members were arrested yesterday at court demanding my immediate release.

Students remain the crème de la crème of any Nation, thus such levels of state persecution & victimization should be castigated forthwith


Android : 1/4
I'm humbled with the Local, Regional and International Solidarity given during the dark hours of my incarceration by the MilitaryJunta.

As a staunch believer of VICTROYHOOD and never at all VICTIMHOOD, I believe the March Is Not Ended.


Android : The Courts ordered me to stay exactly 100 Meters away from Impala Car Rental) 's Twitter Profile">Impala Car Rental
As a Law abiding Citizen, I do hereby invite all members of the Fourth Estate (Press) to a Statement
Venue: Exactly 101 meters away from Impala Car Rental) 's Twitter Profile">Impala Car Rental
Date: 18 Sep 2020
Time: 1100hrs


Android : Zanupf has been abducting, disappearing & torturing Zimbabwe"s young leaders for too long...
We must never tire.
We demand:
&Many others.

Android : We love to dance at Mtetwa & Nyambirai. 💃🏽🕺 We’ve had a rough few weeks recently. So to let off a bit of steam we teamed up with #SchoolOfSatire to have a bit of fun and take up the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge.

Watch the full video here: m.facebook.com/BUSTOPTV/video…

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Android : STUDENT activists Tuesday staged a demonstration at Impala Car Rental offices in Harare demanding the company makes public, details of their client who hired one of its vehicles used in the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa.


Android : Cabinet has done well to reverse the unacceptable decision to give Hwange National Park mining concessions.

Who was responsible for making the decision in the first place? twitter.com/zimlive/status…

Android : Impala Car Rental must come out clean. It has an obligation to the citizens to name the person who hired that particular vehicle.

The call for boycott is legitimate and justified until the time it acts in the national interest by exposing the criminals. twitter.com/MakomboreroH/s…

Android : If they fail to RESPECT our EXISTENCE then they must EXPECT our RESISTANCE!

Increased REPRESSION deserves increased RESISTANCE!

Android : [3/3] We are appealing for an international commission of inquiry by reputable international organisations United Nations for the Zimbabwe justice system has dismally failed us in as far as state orchestrated human rights abuses are concerned.

We demand closure for #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

Android : [2/3] Impala Car Rental enabled abductions by their own admission thus degenerating Zimbabwe into the World Abductions Headquarters in non-war zones.

Impala is the abductions black-box and we will fight the #NoToAbductions battles on their doorstep till they release the evidence!

Android : [1/3] We visited Impala Car Rental to make an action - statement that abductions & torture are the worst forms of violence against citizens.

We upgrading the #BoycottImpala to #SabotageImpala till they release evidence on abductions because #ZimbabweanLivesMatter!

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