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Bio Candidate for Congress in NY-01, endorsed by EMILYs List and 314 Action. Chemistry prof, mom, recent chair of the Stony Brook Univ Chem Department.
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iPhone : -End Qualified Immunity

-Establish a national use of force standard

-Create database of decertified officers

-Support community oversight

-Demilitarize police

-Deprioritize minor offenses

-Investigate all fatal police shootings

-Promote alternatives to 911

For starters...

iPhone : You gassed peaceful Americans. You will be the first President with fewer buildings named for you after you leave office than before you entered. This is the beginning of the end.…

iPhone : The average Black teenager in the US experiences up to 5 discrimination events PER DAY. More frequent discrimination was associated with signs of depression.…

iPhone : This is the ONGOING & UPDATED list of bail funds that are supporting people demanding justice across the country. Please be sure to check this thread for updates/verify & share widely. #FreeThemAll…

iPhone : A prayer. (A thread._

May it be Your will, Holy One, that you watch over everyone who is putting their body on the line tonight for justice.

May you give them strength in the face of unspeakable evil.

May you help them to find resilience and power in one another.


iPhone : Accountability begins at the local level. Breaking social distancing guidelines to celebrate an officer with a history of violence to black citizens is unacceptable and we must do better; law enforcement is not above the law.…

iPhone : David McAtee, a longtime businessman and pillar of the Louisville community was fatally shot by law enforcement officers while protesting police violence.

McAtee, who owned a BBQ business, regularly fed officers in his community for free.

He was 53…

Twitter Web App : In case you missed it - our newest ad has started on TV. Check it out below and help us keep it on air!…

iPhone : Thank you @barackobama for your words & leadership. To be silent is to be complicit; but it is not my voice that needs to be heard. I will be using my platform to amplify & share articles, links & resources as I stand in solidarity with protestors for change that is long overdue.…

iPhone : Violence against black Americans is a plague that has long underscored our history and is finally at the forefront of our attention. To protect and serve our communities requires accountability: we need body cameras, de-escalation trainings and justice. Now.

Twitter Web App : "As a scientist, I know we have a unique opportunity to invest in green energy as we reimagine our economy. Instead of this wasteful, cynical spending, we must invest in the infrastructure and research to develop renewable energy, clean vehicles, and clean buildings."

Twitter Web App : "Using a pandemic to promote the fossil fuel industry is a reprehensible decision, taking advantage of a public health crisis to push an agenda that harms people and the environment," Goroff told Salon in a written statement.

Twitter Web App : This week, the Energy Minister of Alberta suggested now would be a good time to build the Keystone XL pipeline because there is no way for people to protest. Check out my response in Salon:

Twitter Web App : While people are rightly focused on the Coronavirus pandemic, there will be more and more attempts to push harmful, unpopular policy under the radar - this maneuvering around the public is unacceptable.

Twitter Web App : The first step is to call attention to the problem, so that the unwritten rules become clear to all, to stand up and say that #BlackLivesMatter and to hold accountable those who take those lives for granted. We must do better.…

Twitter Web App : this incident lays bare the dangers Black men face every day. How do we address this terrible inequity? It is time to rewrite the rules, what Charles Mills calls the Racial Contract.

Twitter Web App : The death of George Floyd is yet another tragedy that shows the way that the unwritten rules of society are different for people of color. With the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, the calling of police on Christian Cooper in Central Park, and so many other examples,