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Android : "That's because Congress is giving greater weight to poverty and unemployment this time as it considers how to distribute money to keep police, firefighters and other public employees on the job during a pandemic" -Reuters in this same article…

Android : The Republican party is bigger than 50 Republicans Senators and 211 in the House. This is the problem. Your opinion is trash.…

Android : Garrett Haake Senator Joe Manchin Hmmm...🤔 thats not really a response that denies the statement is it? So, either it is personal and he was doing that Trump thing, where he denies something he hasnt been accused of yet OR he IS personally a sexist, but that didnt factor into this particular decision.

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Android : JoJo and Charles B ...Or people stormed the Capitol with weapons less than 2 months ago and the investigations are ongoing. You sound like someone who was told THIS to evoke anger and anxiety about your guns and socialism. Do better, JoJo. This tweet literally makes no sense. Dems own guns too.

Android : JoJo and Charles B Not 1? You're a former educator, JoJo. Yet you just keep sharing information that is false? You don't need to be a Democrat, but you are supposed to be a thinker. Why would you let them get in your head like this? I assume you know how to research, do it.…

Android : JoJo and Charles B It doesn't even say he didn't collude. It literally says, since we can't indict a sitting president, it would be unfair to make a claim either way, so here is the evidence. But you didn't read it, did you? Once again you are just repeating what they told you. What a shame.

Android : JoJo and Charles B Why would we need that? JoJo, the Republicans failed you at every level and when they thought you might catch on, they told you it was rigged. And by they I mean Trump. The rest just followed along. Please, read the actual report. I did and no where does it say Trump is innocent.

Android : JoJo and Charles B There's pattern, JoJo. Your media gives you talking points, you repeat it. They don't look stupid, you do. They give you bad info and expect you to take the hits for it. Just like Trump did those insurrectionist. His defense was literally his supporters are crazy and gullible.

Android : JoJo and Charles B Moderna shipments were "not so good" in the last week? When there was severe weather everywhere? Probably because of severe weather. If only the answer was available. Oh, wait. Here is the GA Dept of Public Health…

Android : JoJo and Charles B They likely would have caught it from someone who got it under Trump. But that isn't the point. This is just dumb. Think before you repeat things. There is a marked improvement in leadership since Jan 20th. You have my sympathies, if this is really how you think.

Android : JoJo and Charles B JoJo, please. On average, it takes 20 days to die once symptoms appear. It takes anywhere from 5-14 days for symptoms to appear. So, we're looking at 34 days before people who got COVID under PRESIDENT Biden start to pass.

Android : Punky Brewsters BFF Employers can't find workers because there is a pandemic. So, is he saying that we pay people less, so they will be forced to risk their lives to make money and business owners will be able to have employees. Because if that is the case, it exposes a huge flaw in our system.