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iPhone : Demeter every year when Persephone leaves for the Underworld:

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iPhone : Nikita Gill is writing I attended this via Zoom today and the brilliant panel of young women (from India, US & Australia) were quick to point out that recognising your particular privileges has to be the first’s frustrating that those with many more privileges often don’t do this

iPhone : 31 May: Last day & it’s bittersweet. Will miss you all I’ve got used to seeing on zoom. But it’ll be good to get back to my writing & family. Join me for the v last session to hear the wonderful Nikita Gill is writing talk abt poetry writing & help me close the festival

iPhone : Remember, the violence that caused all of this was the violence of the police. We did not start this.

iPhone : I’m seeing a lot of nonsense on this website so once again, privilege is also thinking and saying a problem doesn’t exist because it’s not a problem for you.

iPhone : You're telling me that someone spat on Belly Munjinga to purposely infect her with covid19 and they're not getting arrested for murder? What world am I living in?…

iPhone : Patroclus: where are you going?

Achilles: Agamemnon and I had a fight and he took Briseis, so I’m going to go into my tent, put on Netflix, become a blanket burrito and sulk.

Patroclus: there is a whole war on.

Achilles: don’t care.


iPhone : Hades: I think I may have done a bad thing.

Zeus: you mean by kidnapping Persephone.

Hades: Can you just tell me how to get out of this mess please

Zeus: well, when *I* need to get out of a mess, I just make a bigger mess to distract everyone so the first one disappears.

iPhone : If you are more outraged by the sight of destroyed buildings rather than the consistent murders of a people...there is no conversation.