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Twitter for iPad : The excellent news is that there are very few confirmed Covid-19 cases in London, the UKs original hotspot.

Theres yet to be any confirmed cases for yesterday, nine the day before, followed by 26, 28, 20 and 18 per day.

Twitter for iPad : You’d think “don’t casually libel one of the richest and most respected women in the country” went without saying

Twitter for iPad : EXC: John Bercow and Karie Murphy will not get their peerages, the Cabinet Office has told Jeremy Corbyn

Both involved in investigations into alleged wrongdoing: unless theyre concluded before PM refers names to the Queen, they wont pass propriety test


Twitter for iPad : So tonight. This is what we should expect in the UK. #ISS passes over at 22:11 followed by #CrewDragon much lower in the sky at 22:16

See charts below for Southern UK using Orbitron and

Twitter for iPad : Delighted to hear that my youngest niece is going back to school on Monday

Twitter for iPad : Excellent interview by Leonid Schneider with JBC research integrity manager Kaoru Sakabe showing how data integrity can be maintained by scientific journals…

Twitter for iPad : A long shot but if you’d be kind enough to retweet then you never know. We are looking for a generous company who could provide/donate an under canvas huge tent thing for our school field on Suffolk to help with social distancing at our school and also to have some fun with!

Twitter for iPad : ‘Such a bounty of knowledge and insistent curiosity... great lyricism and humour too... Ziminski fills you with longing to discover or rediscover this magical land.’ Storming review in The Times for THE STONEMASON…

Twitter for iPad : "The Danish Health Authority continues to consider that covid-19 cannot be described as a generally dangerous disease, as it does not have either a usually serious course or a high mortality rate."


Twitter for iPad : Currently writing my own... but I’m tempted to cut/paste this... 🤣…

Twitter for iPad : I call this the expert/disaster quadrant.

Game theory says you cant lose by predicting disaster.

You might think there is reputational risk of predicting disaster and getting it wrong but it doesnt seem to work like that.

Twitter for iPad : It's German. The country that just shut perfectly functioning nuclear plants because of hysterical campaigners.…

Twitter for iPad : The government's Covid-19 track-and-trace system is a joke.
"Over the next few days I learned more about my job from watching the news than I did from those who were supposed to supervise me. I still did not feel qualified to do it."…

Twitter for iPad : Introduce your kids aged 8-12 to the world of #Socrates, #Plato and #AncientAthens with a fun & action-packed timeslip book. The author is a Classicist who read Greek & Latin at Cambridge. I should know. The author is ME! 😊…

Twitter for iPad : Media commentator Tim Luckhurst: The BBC needs to remind the Newsnight team they are Guardian readers speaking to an electorate who dont all read the Guardian, and they should never forget it.

@iromg | Tim Luckhurst

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Twitter for iPad : I am writing more than usual because we only have the Nicola Sturgeon story being told at the moment. We cant rely on the journalists. We cant rely on the opposition politicians We can only rely on ourselves & this moment is important…