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Bio mvskoke tsalagi gay trans radio dumb. KE8MXF 9/7/19. bullshit bullshit bullshit
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Android : Buddy Runyan Some people use pronouns other than she, he, & they (when possible). Ze/hir, fae/faer, etc. I do know a few people who use it pronouns.
Its not a new phenomenon, really. All part of human expression...

Android : SSBnZXQgaW5mYW50aWxpemVkIGJ5IHBwbCBteSBhZ2UuIEknbSBtaXNpbnRlcnByZXRlZC1JIGVzdGFibGlzaCBhIG5vbnRocmVhdGVuaW5nLCBjb25zdW1hYmxlIHBlcnNvbmEgZm9yIHBwbCB0byBkaWdlc3QsICYgdGhhdCdzIGVhc2llc3QgZm9yIHRoZW0gdG8gYXNzb2NpYXRlIHdpdGggbWUsIHNvIEltIGZsYXR0ZW5lZCB0byBuYWl2ZXR5

Twitter Web App : I'm a film major because I hate film actually. I am going to revive Griffith just so I can k*** him again violently

Android : Buddy Runyan I figured that was it, just couldn't remember the right plugins. It sounds great!! And I really like the visuals. Hope you're liking your new computer so far 🖥️

Twitter Web App : OK it did make it a little better

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Twitter Web App : I'm listening to this while i watch D.W. Griffith's 'Intolerance' for my silent cinema class and I can't say it's making the experience any better

Twitter Web App : Stop talking about transgender people. I'm so tired of seeing people be disgusted by my existence every day here. I don't even know what rights I have anymore, they keep being taken away and given back and taken away again

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