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iPhone : Was gonna go out and groom an entire schoolbus today but AO3 got rid of all the gosh darn age gap bus driver fics and now all I have on me is some stupid old candy and a shirt that says "Trust me, I'm safe!". Damn you antis...... Foiled again.....!

Twitter Web App : Youve have been charged with being publicly aroused. The coalation of teens who process graphic trauma in your mentions shall convene and decide you’re guilt of “bad boundaries”. May god have mercy on your soul, becuase I sure won’t ..

Twitter Web App : Protecting the childern by sending them so many death threats, that they are unable to stay online long emough to access Voltron age gap shipfic

Twitter Web App : because you yourself are cooking for the attic monster, or the clown on the roof, or the irradiated bed bug colony. you're normalizing these creatures and that's not okay. fiction does affect reality. face it and stop allowing them to reach critical mass

Twitter Web App : just maybe a little suggestion, don't feed the attic monster. It's that easy. if you wouldn't feed it "in real life" why are you feeding it in a fictional environment. by providing nutrients to the attic monster in works of fiction, you're literally feeding it in real life+

Twitter Web App : the best part about only understanding english is writing basically anything i want about other cultures and imagining their entire country giving me a standing ovation for saying the things they were simply too afraid to say and needed Me specifically to say them

Twitter Web App : as a paragon of justice from the land of the free, of course i'll fight for my poor asian mlms who are too culturally polite to speak up against the fujoeshi overlords forcing them to like stinky freak shit :((( shhh it's okay my little gaybies i'll save you with my good ships

Twitter Web App : "support lgbt poc creators uwu" and "it's my duty as an anglomerican with morals to put gay asian men who draw nasty fetish porn in their place" are two statements that can and should exist at the same time

Twitter Web App : I project myself onto cartoon characters to the point where the mere suggestion of them having sex makes me have a twitter meltdown but somehow still believe that I have the mental fortitude to confront people IRL and beat them up

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Twitter Web App : 🚨POSSIBLE PREDATOR ALERT fudrilshi🚨
1. Proudly identifies as a fujoshi/"fudrilshi"
2. condones yaoi
3. Ships Phil Collins x Len Kagamine (incest coded, phil met len when they were kids and said "ur like a brother to me" to which len responded "誰ですか?助けて。警察を呼んで。")

Twitter Web App : DOCTOR: you cant keep doing this to yourself. being The Last True Good Fujoshi online will destroy you. you must stop posting about yaoi with honor
ME: No,