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Android : NEW: Trump insists there's "NO WAY" an election with increased mail-in voting will be legitimate. But both Democratic and Republican officials overseeing that process say he's dead wrong.…

Android : Trump is THANKING and retweeting a video of Cowboys for Trump saying “the only good democrat is a dead democrat”. The guy added that he means that in the political sense, but in the environment Trump has created how does he think right wing extremists are going to hear it? FBI

Android : Imagine being Mark Zuckerberg, under 40, one of the most powerful people in the world, 50 billion dollars, and still rushing to kiss a racist conman’s ass so you can maybe make a little more money.

What a pathetic dweeb.

Android : The first big vote by mail controversy was FDR wanting to help the troops vote but the Dixiecrats freaking out that doing so could help enfranchise black people. Anyway just a random historical fact obviously unrelated to anything today