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assigned corey at birth

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Twitter Web App : vaccine should be administered through a big trough that everyone in america drinks out of on all fours

Twitter Web App : i love learning new words from twitter like girl u look neoliberal AF in that dress 😍

Twitter Web App : "you buy the papers believe what you read a gun at your head is what you really need"
you're telling me buddy!!!!!

Twitter Web App : while we're listening to Crisis I think we can all agree that "No Town Hall" is the best song written about municipal politics

iPhone : every american news article on the virus is like "because asian countries contain populations with ancient traditions that mean they love to be controlled by dictators, they've done better with covid, but because americans love freedom, we all have to die"

iPhone : Atlanta: a city full of nice cute sweeties that would love to walk/run/bike in public, but are constantly endangered by psychos that would happily murder them with a vehicle to save 20 seconds

Twitter Web App : RIP to a King

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