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iPhone : Fellow photographers, if your intentions right now are to document protests at the expense of peoples’ humanity or to say “I was there,” stay home.

Twitter Web App : okay, now that I got some bullshit off my chest, time to go on my social media hiatus; frfr if u see me retweeting things this week, pls dm me and tell me to log out with love lool. peace

Twitter Web App : there are two americas: one fights for black lives and the other fights for brunch

Twitter Web App : I just had to correct this cause I don't like my words being mistaken, yes this was a specific @, and if the shoe fits then strut! 2/2

Twitter Web App : also saying "you don't deserve love when you don't love yourself," and saying it's "hard to accept love if you don't believe you deserve it" are two different things lool. We all deserve it, and can hopefully love ourselves enough to accept it. 1/2

Twitter Web App : since most people don’t know (or don’t remember) the hacker group anonymous, here’s a thread because they’re a pretty big fucking deal 😭…


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Twitter Web App : racist white ppl be like “burning possessions won’t solve the issue” ....didnt y’all burn Nike products when they endorsed Collin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest ?????????????

Twitter Web App : BOSTON:

Their name is Oren Nimni a lawyer for boston pro bono service. If something happen to any protester tomorrow please contact them!


Twitter Web App : I think I'm still angry abt this cause imagine someone seeing you beam and trying to block that light? did that make you feel better? lool

okay, now I can let it go.

Twitter Web App : Also, don't tell me that it's impossible for me to love myself bc you struggle with it. It's also something I've struggled with, I'm just choosing to continue despite. I hope u do too.

Twitter Web App : on a good day, Sag's understand how dynamic "Truth" is and will dig deeper to understand it.

on a bad day, Sag's get trapped in thinking there is ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH and that they alone will find it.

don't be that Sag on a bad day in my life please. especially if ur whte

Twitter Web App : Anyway,

I AM AN ALUM!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Twitter Web App : nb people at protests should really not be engaging in property destruction or other forms of antagonism. the backlash of your actions will only come down harder on Black people in the crowd. your primary purpose at these gatherings is to be a human shield

Twitter Web App : “...We cannot fashion pacifism anymore. We’ve earned
a Louboutin riot. Clorox tears reeking of seized sorrow won’t distill our hands
no more.” //

I wrote this poem in 2018.

George Floyd. Tony McDade. Breonna Taylor—I hope we never give them peace. You will never know justice.

Twitter Web App : Particularly directing this at white folks and other people who are typically not police targets…