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SocialFlow : "If we don’t feel comfortable sending our children on a play date down the street," write Dara Kass, MD and Jill Baren, "how can we possibly send them to another state to live with hundreds of other children in a less supervised setting?"

Twitter Web App : "And because mail voting leaves behind a paper trail — which election officials can audit to verify that votes were counted as cast — it may actually be even more secure than in-person voting."

SocialFlow : "Until a vaccine comes along, the privilege of flying may require giving airlines more information about your health and recent location than Americans are usually comfortable giving," writes Bill Saporito

SocialFlow : “With all eyes on the pandemic crises, the Amazon and its Indigenous groups face existential threats, while criminals act as if they have permission to plunder,” writes Bruno Carvalho, a professor at Harvard University

SocialFlow : "When white men wearing camouflage and bearing assault rifles occupied the Michigan State House," Jennifer Finney Boylan 🐕 writes, "it was hard not to think of the boys in 'Lord of the Flies,' who, by story’s end, have devolved to their most barbaric selves"

Twitter Web App : Dam it! Fix them or remove them

Opinion piece that I authored with Paulina Concha Larrauri in today's New York Times

#dams #climateadaptation #climateemergency #floods #climatecrisis #compoundrisk

Twitter Web App : My latest with Paul Pierson via ⁦New York Times Opinion (sounding the warning in #LetThemEatTweets): Why, as an election looms, have top Republicans “demanded what bipartisan majorities reject and rejected what bipartisan majorities demand”?…

SocialFlow : During the crisis, "there’s no reason schools and parents can’t cut teenagers a break. We’re asking them to sacrifice so much already," writes Aaron E. Carroll. "The least we could do is let them sleep."

Twitter Web App : How to negotiate trust pods as lockdown ends — set up rules, incl consequences for breaking them…

SocialFlow : "The best way to get more people flying is to lower the probability that sick or asymptomatic passengers — as well as flight crews, cabin crews and airport employees — even get as far as the airport," writes Bill Saporito