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Twitter Web App : Donald Trump killed his personal assistant, Carolyn Gombell, in October 2000. He strangled her because he'd gotten her pregnant and was threatening to tell the press. Then he bribed NYPD Police Chief Bernie Kierik to cover it up. IT'S TIME TO INVESTIGATE. #JusticeForCarolyn

Twitter Web App : "OSHA — the federal agency in charge of worker safety — has not issued enforceable guidelines about COVID-19, as it did during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, instead opting for voluntary guidance.

The agency has said it plans no enforcement action."

Twitter Web App : Minneapolis police officer pinning down this man by the neck with his knee...the man subsequently died. This is why #AmyCoopers false reporting is so serious...

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Twitter Web App : Instead of focusing on the greatest crisis since the Great Depression, how is Donald J. Trump spending his time?

Sullying the name of a dead woman, over and over, in horrific, conspiratorial tweets.

Have you no decency, sir?


Twitter Web App : I've written about how I'd vote for Hillary over Trump, how he is a gold mine for enemy intel, how he is a menace to the rule of law and should be impeached, how he is a spiritual black hole.
Yet this is the piece that has his cult totally triggered.

Twitter Web App : New, from Republicans for the Rule of Law: Did you ever imagine?

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Twitter Web App : Is this what winning looks like?

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Twitter Web App : CREW has filed 131 complaints and 61 lawsuits during the Trump administration.

That's a lot more than we ever filed prior to Trump, and it's because we are up against more corruption than ever before.

Twitter Web App : The President tripling and quadrupling down on the Scarborough accusation - and just brushing off the wishes of the family - is just another reminder that he stop at nothing, no matter how awful, when he feels threatened.

Twitter Web App : Reminder: A Biden adviser told us last week that they see this contrast w/Trump as a positive, positioning Biden as "the model for how a real leader behaves during a crisis," providing "empathy" and "guidance on how we can overcome this crisis together": washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/… twitter.com/mkraju/status/…

Twitter Web App : What is not emphasized enough: 3 of the 4 fired Inspectors General were replaced by currently serving political officials in the departments they are overseeing, a built-in conflict. How would whistleblowers feel free to report wrongdoing without anonymity? twitter.com/nytpolitics/st…

Twitter Web App : Excellent thread.
And please know that this is a science.
And consider that the hostile foreign powers Rodney Caston mentions at the end of this thread have been known to research & develop such science - then deploy attacks from their intelligence services. twitter.com/RodneyCaston/s…

Twitter Web App : Let me try to explain this to POTUS, the Mensans at the state GOP and Lord Farquaad of Nevada:

The mail-in primary is being overseen by a GOP secretary of state, whose elections deputy is a total pro, and they have made every effort to safeguard the election. twitter.com/TheNVIndy/stat…

Twitter Web App : Twitter labels Trump’s tweets with a fact-check for the first time. washingtonpost.com/technology/202…